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18 Pinterest Experts Share Their Best Kept Secrets For Success

I'm a huge Pinterest fan! How could I not be when Pinterest is the main traffic source for me driving in a very attractive 21,000+ visitors a month to my blogs?

21,642 Monthly Pinterest Traffic

I would even go to the length of saying that if it wasn't for Pinterest, I would not be enjoying so much success right now with my blogging and business (on the income side).

It has truly been a blessing to me that "little red P" and I am sure it has been for many others, with bigger success than me, and I even think that you; whatever blog topic (niche) you’re in, can also capitalize off Pinterest.

At the time of writing this post, Pinterest is said to be one of the fastest growing social networks (after SnapChat) so they are constantly evolving and updating their service and how the platform works.

If anybody from Pinterest is reading this, I am still waiting for you to open up the Pinterest ad network worldwide. Please get on with it.

Anyways...Yes, Pinterest is my main social network and one that I would like to continue focusing on in the coming months and even years so I’ve decided to ask some renowned Pinterest experts to share with me their most valuable tip on how they get traffic from Pinterest and how to (more importantly) do it successfully!

This is what you might call an “expert roundup post”, hand selected to bring you practical advice you can take action on right now from the pros.

These following 18 bloggers have also taught me some things (and I thought I had a good grasp of how Pinterest works) so I am sure they will do the same for you.

You can see all the advice shared below, feel free to click through to the expert’s blog so you can see better what they have been able to create with the help of Pinterest on their blog.

Exciting times are coming my dear reader and I want you in on all the action. Are you going to make it happen? Let’s get into it...

18 Pinterest Experts Share Their Best Kept Secrets For Success

The one thing, that might seem obvious, but I see many miss is to use keywords and take advantage of the description section when pinning your images.

Use keywords to describe your image, also include a compelling description.

Another important thing with Pinterest is to engage with other users. When you engage you”ll get more followers, likes and saved pins.

Vicky |

According to the 2015 Ahalogy Pinterest Media Study, more than 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on a mobile device.

Pinners are using the app on their smartphone or tablet.​

Since Pinterest drives traffic to your website, it’s always better to be mobile friendly. Otherwise, you’re directing 3 of every 4 pinners to a site that’s not user friendly.

Danielle Miller |

It is very important to learn how to apply SEO tactics. One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make on Pinterest when using it to market their business and blogs is they neglect to think about keywords and SEO.

You have to figure out from the very beginning what keywords you want to rank high on in Pinterest’s search engine.

Don’t even think about pinning if you’re if you haven’t figured this out yet.

Pinterest has its own internal search engine, and if you apply SEO tactics correctly in Pinterest, your blog will appear on top or near the top of the Pinterest search engine results.

That too will drive more interested traffic to your Pinterest page, boards and pins.

Did you know that Pinterest is indexed by Google?

I have done it successfully for my business that it has helped me rank on the first of Google!​

Anna C. Bennett |

My best tip for using Pinterest is to find a tool to make your life easier.

If you look at my account it looks like I'm pinning all-day, every-day. In reality, I spend at most 30-minutes per week on Pinterest.

Instead of pinning directly to Pinterest, my pins get scheduled using BoardBooster, which keeps my content moving throughout the entire day.

This allows me to gain much more exposure without having to spend too much time on the platform.​

Krista Rae |         

Since Pinterest is essentially an inspirational search engine, it is very important to pay special attention to images and keywords.

When sharing content on Pinterest, pinners should think carefully about the keywords people would use to find it.

These keywords should be (tastefully) included in pin, board, profile descriptions and even the image URL.

Mary Lumley |

Fall in love with Pinterest! I became a Pinterest power user by simply pinning recipes, decor and party-planning ideas that I genuinely liked and used in my personal life.

Not only does this give readers the chance to relate to with who I am, it also boosts my account's visibility.

Lisa |       

I use Tailwind plus to manage Pinterest and it's the best tip I can give you - use it!

Buy the 1 year license so that you can schedule unlimited pins and join popular group boards in your niche to repin your own / others pins to.

Once you get a hang of it and keep at it for a few weeks, it's literally a "set and forget" method to gain followers, traffic and online presence.​

Jo |

One of the most important ways you must be using Pinterest is starting on the right track right away and creating your account as "Pinterest for Business" or converting you're existing your account to Pinterest for Business.

I don't want to be a nagger, but come on - give a big reason to your followers to follow you and set up that profile properly with adding your Brand's image Logo or a clear picture of your beautiful self!

Don't forget to add Keywords everywhere you can, your Bio, Description of your Boards and Pins.

Creating your Boards and leaving them empty won't get you any followers or engagement, so keep those board filled with pins. Especially making them relevant to the board's subject.

Also, use stock photography and transparent images so you image will stand out from the rest boring pins.

Most importantly - You need to be pinning daily to continue that engagement going. Yes, Pinning is the equivalent word for Engagement while on Pinterest.

Anna Zubarev |

First things first, think about how you want to use Pinterest, is it for business or personal use?

Pinterest is a visual search engine and it's great for discovering all sorts of things for both personal and business.

However be sure you use the boards appropriately and make use of the secret boards for private or personal pins.

Always check the pins you're about to repin by clicking through to make sure the link works or if you don't have time to check immediately, click the Like button to go back to it later. Also join relevant group boards to share to and from.

If you're a blogger, you'll want to invest in a scheduler like Tailwind and BoardBooster.

Lillian DeJesus |

Pinterest is unlike any of the other social media platforms out there. Since we use Pinterest as a search engine, pay attention to SEO!

From your Pinterest bio to your pin descriptions, SEO has to be strategic. For more Pinterest tips, hop over to my blog!

Amy Howard |

The key to Pinterest is consistency. Pin daily, pin targeted and pin evergreen content!

Kate Ahl |

A great way to grow your Pinterest following and get more repins is to get a Pinterest scheduler!

There are many out there but we use BoardBooster. This will help your pins go out consistently throughout the day instead of bombarding your followers all at once.

Jean Sisters |

My tip for using Pinterest is to be sure to use keywords in your description.

Pinterest is a search engine, so just like on Google, it will be picking up on keywords that users may be searching for.

Hayli De Jong |

Design custom board covers to match your website's branding.

Custom covers are a great way to give your profile a cohesive look, and they show people you're a serious pinner and therefore, someone worth following.

Also, Get involved with BoardBooster. This tool has changed my Pinterest game, and I love that it allows me to "set it and forget it" when it comes to my account.

Be sure to check out my three favorite BoardBooster features: looping, campaigns, and the Pin Doctor.

Krista |

Pinterest is no longer about you. It’s ALL about your ideal audience.

This can be a huge mindset shift!

Create a Pinterest profile, with board topics and an overall aesthetic, that appeals to who you are trying to attract and what THEY would want to see.​

Summer Tannhauser |

Got a Pin you want to go viral?

Here’s what worked for me: I embedded the Pin in my blog sidebar. In two months, that individual Pin has gotten over 800 repins.

It’s easy to do. Just open your Pin on Pinterest and click the 3 dots at top right. Select “Embed.” Pinterest serves you up the code to paste into a sidebar widget on your blog.

You even have a choice of 3 sizes, and whether or not you want the Pin Description to show. Medium fit perfectly in my sidebar.

Pick your most valuable Pin and give it a try!​

Louise Myers |

"My best Pinterest strategy is simple, pin on a regular basis, and by that I mean about 5 times per day."​

Anh Nguyen |

There are lots of things you can do on Pinterest to get more repins, followers and all the other good stuff. But, the one thing that has really moved the needle for me (and I believe many others) is participating in group boards.

Group boards are the amplifier of your Pinterest account. You can either start one, or join many. Joining being the easier and most effective, especially when you are just starting out.

You will want to find relevant boards in your niche, and share your (and other) pins on those boards periodically to get noticed.

The group boards you join are more than likely (although you can choose) to have many many times the followers of you, so you consequently get a new following with little to no work.

If you want some more detailed information on this particular strategy, you can check out my post on the topic.

Ashley Faulkes |


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