365 Days Later – A Look Back At My Achievements

Break out the Champagne lol!

I just realised by a complete coincidence that today, the 10th of December 2014, is my 1 year anniversary since starting this blog you’re reading right now.

I’ve started many blogs in my life but believe it or not, this is only the second blog that has made it past the one year mark – (the other one is now 3 years old).

WOW what a year it’s been huh ?

I have to admit that while I’ve achieved some of the goals I’ve set for this website, I didn’t achieve them all – (you can see my goal list here)

As you might now if you’re a regular reader, I’ve had some personal issues hit in mid-July 2014 which left me with absolutely no motivation to work.

Glad to report I’m slowly gaining back the fire I once had. 🙂

So what have I achieved here ? 

In 1 year I’ve published a total of 68 posts (69 with this one), which leaves me a bit disappointed because I really wanted to hit the 100 mark in 1 year!

I’ve also received quite a fair share of comments (130 in all) on all posts, which if you’re a blogger you know how heart-warming getting feedback on your creation is. So thank you to whoever has left a comment with his or her thoughts in the past. 😉

As for income, I did not quite hit my target either and I’m definitely not going to Las Vegas with the WA crew, but I have had triple digits earnings on multiple months which I guess if you divide it by the amount of posts I published and the work I put it in makes it quite good.

I have to say that through all the ups and downs, it has been a pleasure running it and I look forward to continue running it in the coming months and years.

Let’s look at 5 top articles I’ve published here this past year:

This is a quick post just to mark the occasion and to have the opportunity to thank you all for reading and supporting this blog.

I really do look forward to getting back to being able to blog more and more on this site. I consider it as one of my babies now and it’s growing up lol.

Anyways thanks for dropping by and reading. Would love to hear your thoughts on how I can improve my blog in the coming year.

Till next time.

Chris Lee

365 Days Later - A Look Back At My Achievements

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