7 Tips On How To Be A “Lucky” Blogger: Words Of Wisdom From A ProBlogger

This title may be confusing, but let me tell you what my idea behind it is:

One of my favourite bloggers is Darren Rowse (ProBlogger.net). He’s the man that has turned blogging into what it is today.

I remember reading his work and saying “WOW, how does he do THAT?

Well, he just shared a keynote he did and answer just that. You can see the short 11-minute talk here:

Read the official post from Darren himself: “How To Be A Lucky Entrepreneur”.

In this video, Darren talks about the 7 “lucky” things entrepreneurs do to become successful.

Obviously, as you might already know, “lucky” is arbitrary here. There is really no luck to becoming an entrepreneur.

Even if you were to hit it big with some huge idea, if you do not have the “entrepreneurial” mindset, you still might fail.

In this post I have for you today, I want you to listen to this talk and open your eyes to it as Darren drops some serious knowledge on how he turned his “blogging hobby” into a full-time business that generates 5,000,000 readers every month.

He doesn’t exactly share his income report, but trust me when I say; with five million readers, he must be making some serious cash with his online business.

See: How Much Do Bloggers Earn?

Good for him! The guy has been blogging for over a decade now and he knows his stuff, he’s probably my go-to-source for blogging and if you want to learn more about blogging, I suggest you sign up to his email newsletter over at www.ProBlogger.net.

7 Tips On How To Be A “Lucky” Blogger

Below, I am going to walk you through the 7 steps Darren outlines in his post, we’ll also be seeing how these points relate to him being able to build such a huge business and how we can too.

Let’s start with the best one:

Tip #1: Avid Learners

A long time ago, I’ve published a post about 1 tip that I have found that made my writing improve a lot, and that is; reading.

Reading is I think one of the quickest ways to develop your writing skills but not just that;

Reading and learning also give you experience, ideas and motivation to get you where you want to be by studying people that have already done the journey you want to do.

One of my favourite sayings is this:

“Success leaves clues”.

Whatever you want to do, somebody else has already done it so make sure you find these people and do what they did.

Read books, listen to podcasts, read blog posts, sign up for some training, do something. Whatever it is, do something that will get you closer to where you want to be.

Tip #2: Fascinated With Problems

You know who are the most successful bloggers out there? They are the ones that solve problems for other people.

Think about it, even these “gossip sites” about celebrities that you probably hate are solving a problem, i.e boredom.

As a successful blogger, you need to know how to solve problems and solve them for others too. And you know how you can learn how to solve certain problems? Take a look at tip number one again.

In the video, Darren also touches about how as a blogger or entrepreneur, you will face problems such as:

  • Low traffic numbers
  • Writer’s block
  • Time-constraints, etc..

The “lucky’ blogger (if you want to call it that) has figured out how to solve all this. You need to do that too.

Tip #3: Practice Curiosity

Do you know how successful bloggers just seem to keep going on and on and on? It’s all about being curious about your work and about the problems you are trying to solve.

I am curious about blogging. I study it every single day, so it only makes sense for me to start a blog about blogging (and recently another one reviewing online tools for bloggers).

Darren also points out that “curiosity” will also help you figure out how to solve problems even better.

If you are genuinely curious about a subject (that is why it is recommended to start a blog in an area you find interesting), you will have much quicker success because you are actively and consciously involved in it.

Tip #4: Experiment Prolifically

Me, Darren and every other blogger probably had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we started our blogs.

I mean who would’ve told me that I will be writing thousands of words per day and publishing eBooks as a way to make money?

Obviously, it didn’t even cross my mind back before I started blogging but because I’ve decided to “experiment” with it, somehow, I managed to do it; I got “lucky”.

Also, this doesn’t just apply for newbies, even once you get your blog going and you seem to “get it” now, there is still room for experimentation.

I am constantly trying and testing new ideas, tools, tips, tricks and ways to improve my business. It just ever ends.

Tip #5: Watch For Sparks

What does this even mean?

As Darren puts it; we have become so busy and so hectic that often, we fail to see opportunity when it presents itself.

I know I am guilty of this too and for a lot of time, I struggled.

I jumped from one “system” to the other in hopes of making money online but somehow I never did, and it’s only because I failed to see the truth behind all this.

Luckily for me, I did find an amazing system for me to follow and that is why I am writing this here today, 4 years later and making money with my blog.

Tip #6: Create, Initiate Construct

Obviously, if you want to be successful at blogging, you need to start a blog. But not just that;

  • You also need to write content,
  • Create images for your posts,
  • Manage your social media,
  • Answer comments,
  • and much more.

“Lucky” bloggers take action.

They know what they want to do, they know how to do it and they go for it.

Most of the products I review on my new blog are all scam products because they promise you riches in days but trust me when I say, it doesn’t work that way.

I’m telling you because I have tried them all, and none of them worked as well as they said they will. Even the best system I have found only showed results after months of testing and experimenting.

The secret to building a blog business is that; building.

You need to “get your hands dirty” and do the work because nobody is going to do it for you. It all lies on you now.

Your blog’s success is the result of your work ethic.

As I’ve recently shared in a blog post, I have recently adopted the mentality of “do or die” in my business and my results have dramatically improved. I suggest you check my post: “Proof Success Takes Time.”

Tip #7: Quick To Pivot

“Success is rarely the result of travelling a straight line”

If you want success, you have to be able to adjust and react to the results you’re getting.

No, you won’t publish one post and become successful, you won’t even probably make any money for weeks.

But; you need to know how to be patient and adjust.

Once you realise that your work has an effect on your business, you will be able to make adjustments along the way but it is important that you give your work enough time for it to bring in results.

Also, you need to make sure that you can take whatever comes back to you, judge what worked (and what didn’t) and then adopt a slightly more improved strategy.

Successful bloggers didn’t have it “easy” and they aren’t “lucky”. They just loved what they were doing and did it all the way to blogging superstardom.

It’s ok to fail.

It’s ok to have a failed blog, I have more failed blogs than I do successful ones but I don’t worry about them because the ones that did work are allowing me to live a life that I enjoy living.

Who cares if I failed at 90% of the blogs I started? It was a learning experience that allowed me to build my successful blogs with more ease and also faster (because I avoided the pitfalls).

I now run 3 successful blogs + an online jewellery store and I make decent money with them.

I had so many failed blogs that I can’t even remember them all LOL.

So, if you fail, or you feel that you need to change something, don’t be afraid to start over or do the necessary adjustments.

Although, to avoid such a struggle, I do suggest you find a proven system that works and follow that (more on this later).

If you do that, then you might minimize the “learning curve” and you just might find yourself making BANK 12 months from now.

Read the story of this 20-year-old blogger making $10,000 a month from Amazon for some inspiration if you need it.

Final Words

If you watched the talk, you’ll see that Darren talks about how he discovered blogging.

It was through an email his friend sent him which read “check out this blog”. He didn’t even know what a “blog” was back in 2002 but after he was done reading the link, he started his own blog right there and then.

Why is this important?

Well, because sometimes you just have to take the leap and do it. Even if you don’t know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

So, today, I am sure you know what “blogging” is. If you haven’t got one already, then I am sure you follow and read blogs on a daily basis.

But why not you?

If you’re reading this, then I am sure somewhere inside you is a desire to not only start a blog but also make it successful and even, with some “luck” (read; skills), you’ll be able to turn that blog into a full-time business that you can live on.

What would happen if you didn’t?

As Darren beautifully puts it, he says; “What would’ve happened if I didn’t open that email and read that blog”.

Most probably he would’ve never gotten into blogging and this huge empire he has built online would probably not exist today.

So what will happen if you don’t decide not to take action right now?

Nothing. Nothing will happen and nothing will change.

But that’s not a good thing, “nothing” is not why you are here (probably) and I advise you to take the first step and start your blog if you really want to see if you too can make it happen.

How to start your own blog?

Easy, check out my checklist for starting a blog business and also make sure you sign up for my email newsletter.

As a subscriber, I will be able to send you my tips on how I’ve built my blog business and also I will send you a free invitation to my number one rated online training course.

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Also keep a look out for a free eBook I will send called “How To Win At Affiliate Marketing”. It’s my little thank-you gift for signing up.

Thank you very much for reading, now go take some action and “get lucky”!

Till next time.

Chris Lee

7 Tips On How To Be A “Lucky” Blogger: Words Of Wisdom From A ProBlogger

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