A Free Online Marketing Course You Can Take Right Now

I always wanted to have an online business and since you’re reading this… I know somewhere hidden inside you is the desire to have one too.

What if I told you that in about 5 mins (after you read this post) you can start learning how to build your business with a free online marketing course that is available to you right now?

And when I say free, I mean FREE. No credit cards, do initial payment, not hidden fees, no nothing.

Just a simple, step by step course that will show you:

  • How to create your website (a must for online businesses)
  • How to create content (also a must to generate traffic)
  • How to monetise your business (yes, a must if you want a BUSINESS)

I’m sure you would at least check it out if you were really serious about starting an online business right?

Well you can, right now!

You can go over to the Wealthy Affiliate University and sign up as a free member, but hold on… I want you to hear my story and how WA has helped me achieve exactly what YOU are trying to achieve.

BTW this is NOT a Wealthy Affiliate review of some sorts, I wrote a review about it before and you can read it here.

I’ve also written about WA in other blog posts so if you want some more information before you decide to join, you can check those out here.

My Story With Wealthy Affiliate

As you will see in my review, I was skeptical about WA at first.

I had been scammed so many times that everything that had the words “free online marketing course” caused me to remember all the money I spent and got nothing to show for it.

Then I quit. I quit and I gave up on my dream of ever having an online business. Months passed and it always stayed on my mind. I would go to my job and say to myself:

“But I know people make money online and I am sure I can too.”

That persistent thought drove me back to online marketing for one last time.

I decided that Wealthy Affiliate will be the last place I ever spend money before I start making actually making it. No more am I going to invest in products without seeing some sort of reward for it.

So that’s what I did.

I immersed myself fully in Wealthy Affiliate, I joined as a free member and stayed as a free member.

Now although I didn’t make money, I saw the value in WA and I decided to give it a go and join as a month-to-month premium member (they offer a discount for the first month).

This opened up whole new levels of training and knowledge and I’ve finally learned how to set up a real blogging business; the proper way.

Turns out I was doing it wrong the whole time, it wasn’t exactly my fault though – the products I was buying were teaching me crappy, outdated methods when it comes to online marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate was different.

Now as I said, I don’t want to go into specific details of what I learned there, you can do so yourself here (obviously for free).

However after I started applying the training, something amazing happened..

I made my first sale!!!

What!??? No Way!

I’ve made an Amazon Associates commission of $0.87c!

Now although that may not sound like much to you, but those .87c which came at the perfect time for me, proved once and for all that money online can be made!

Needless to say, I was hooked and thanks to the training courses at WA, I have never made less than that in a month since then.

I now make a great, solid income (like this) and believe it or not, my business only costs me just $2.74 a day to run!

How crazy is that? A free online marketing course I took on a hunch showed me how I can build a great online business running on $2.47 a day!

See my expenses here.

Ok enough of all this, let’s talk about you and your own goals now!

If you are looking for an online marketing course, which is absolutely needed if you want to be successful online, then look no further than Wealthy Affiliate.

It is by far the best platform out there that will show you in a step-by-step manner how to create a lasting, powerful and profitable online business.

And do not think that my success story is a rare occurrence either.

Everyday inside WA, people are blogging about their first sales, traffic success and their record breaking months when it comes to income.

Don’t take my word for it though. Here are some screenshots of the blog posts inside WA. You can also search and read them yourself once you’re inside Wealthy Affiliate.

first sales in wealthy affiliate


And for good measure, I am going to throw in a screenshot of my own blog post sharing with the community that I had just gotten my first sale ever.

Just got my first 3 sales

So… let’s get serious for a moment here and recap:

I know you want to start an online business. I know exactly what you are feeling because I have lived through it many, many times.

However… all the wishing in the world is not going to teach you online marketing and how to make money online.

It will take some effort from your part.

Wealthy Affiliate, my advice here and the many, many websites teaching you how to make money will NEVER work unless you do.

If you want to get started on the right foot, with the right training and for free in the online marketing world, then Wealthy Affiliate will always be my #1 recommendation.

Also keep in mind that even if it’s not in your interest to start an online business for yourself, having the skill and knowledge on how to do proper online marketing is always a much needed skill in the job world.

Start your online marketing course:

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free!

I think the risk here would be not to learn such an important skill that is so freely available to learn.

Thank you very much for reading. Feel free to drop me a message down below if you have any questions about online marketing, blogging or Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll be happy to help you get started.


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