7 Traits You Must Possess If You Want To Be A Successful Blogger

Are you thinking of taking the leap and investing your resources into blogging? Or maybe you have been blogging for some time and want to see the fruits of your labor.

Maybe you’re tired of not meeting expectations like X amount of page views and subscribers?

NEWSFLASH: You’re not alone. There are millions and millions of other bloggers who are in the same boat.

Discouraging as the situation may seem – how can you compete with millions? – it doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful blog.

How so?

One, you define your own success and goals, so while you may not become the next Darren Rowse, you can still become a successful blogger in your own right.

Two, with the right attitude, you equip yourself to reach these goals. The result? You become the successful blogger you want to be.

I follow many blogs which are considered successes in their own ways. One thing I’ve observed is that you can, to a certain extent, deduce what the blogger is like based on their blog. It’s like reading someone’s diary, albeit with different, less personal content.

So, what have I learned? You guessed it – some characteristics of a successful blogger. Let’s get right to it.

7 Traits You Must Possess If You Want to Be a Successful Blogger

A successful blogger is…

1. Purpose-filled

The usual piece of advice is “find your niche”. My thinking used to be the same. In fact, I still see the value in that. Expert bloggers say that, so it must be right, correct?


However, I recently learned another perspective from writer Jeff Goins.

I attended a webinar of his, and he talked about having a “worldview” instead of being boxed in a niche; the reason being that a niche may dry out at some point, but your worldview defines your way of thinking and can be applied to whichever niche you enter. A formula to make this easier to understand:

Every [_____] must [_______].

Fill in the blanks. Think about the main message you want to get across. YOUR message.

Use the formula above. This reveals your purpose, which then serves as your North Star as you go on your blogging journey. With a definite purpose, you can send your message clearly with every blog post you write.

2. Focused

A successful blogger is focused.

“Oh, but blogging is only a side activity for me”, says the part-time blogger.

“There’s just so much to take care of – posting regularly, social media, blogging outreach…”, says the full-time blogger.

Common denominator? There is no focus. There is always an excuse to wing it.

Tasks are dealt with as they come. There is no plan.

If you want to become successful, go back to your purpose. Write it on a Post-It and stick it onto your screen if need be so you are always reminded of your end goal and work towards that goal.

Be focused in everything you do:

  • have a content posting plan
  • have a specific message for each post and be crystal clear about it
  • get rid of distraction when writing
  • “protect” your work hours and don’t let personal concerns intrude as much a possible during this time

3. Tenacious

You’ll stumble. You’ll fall. You may even lose money.

It happens to all of us, and it’s very easy to throw in the towel after months of hard work and not seeing any traffic growth; worse, seeing it go down.

If there’s one thing great bloggers have in common, it is this: they are stubborn as heck.

You’ll make mistakes, for sure, but if you learn from them and go on, you’ll find yourself a success down the road.

I can share a barrage of quotes on perseverance, but I think I don’t have to do that to drive the point home. Just keep at it, pivot when you need to, and then keep going till you make it.

Here’s something you can read to help you out if you’re struggling with blog monetization: 5 Reasons Why People Fail To Make Money With Blogging (And How To Fix It).

4. Curious

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it turns a decent blogger into a great one.

Being curious is a wonderful thing. Picture yourself as a child who marveled at practically everything you saw around you, wanting to know more. Now, transport yourself to the present and cultivate the same curiosity to apply to every possible thing or idea. You’ll never run out of things to write about.

5. A voracious reader

The blogging world is always in a state of flux, and you can’t afford to sit back and be content with what you know.

If you cultivate curiosity, then you will always have the need to take in information, and as a blogger, the best way to do that is to read. And then read some more. And then some more.

Read blogs related to yours. Read the major news outlets. Read print magazines. Read non-fiction – business books, biographies, self-help, and what have you. Read fantasy and science fiction!

It doesn’t matter. Read whatever you can grab. Not only will your curiosity be satisfied, you’ll also be exposed to other writing styles and learn things that you can use in your blog.

6. Thick-skinned

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Elbert Hubbard

The moment you hit the publish button, brace yourself for criticism. It’s a given. While you may not encounter it in the early days of your blog, it is a certainty that someone will leave a critical comment on a post or a negative reply on social media.

What do you do?

Roll with it.


There is nasty criticism and there is constructive criticism. You need to be able to handle both. It’s obviously easier to swallow the latter, but you also need to spot the former for what it is.

You don’t always need to engage them. Instead, cover yourself with gator skin and let the critics come. Listen to the sensible critics, ignore the haters.

Don’t cry like a baby or hit back like a rattlesnake when you find yourself the object of criticism.

7. Someone who takes pride in his work

Great bloggers don’t need to write grammar-perfect posts every time. They don’t need to write like best-selling authors. Of course, decent grammar and readable posts help, but a crucial element is that your writing oozes pride – pride in your work.

I don’t mean being arrogant or condescending. (There are way too many of those – we don’t need one more.)

When you take pride in your work, you:

  • take the time to generate ideas and write posts deliberately.
  • edit to polish your posts.
  • proofread to catch typos and grammar mistakes.
  • preview your post to check formatting.

Basically, you write posts that you won’t be embarrassed to associate your name with, share on social media, and ask your mom and your entire family to read.

Why is this important? Being proud of your work means you create excellent content which exudes confidence, and this won’t be lost on readers.

Are you ready for success?

Take some time to reflect. Do you have these traits? No? Maybe some?

Don’t waste time. Cultivate these traits and work your way to being a successful blogger.

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