How Patience & Perseverance Pays Off While Making Money Online

You know what sucks?

Not getting immediate results, immediately.

I hate it, you hate it…we all hate it.

Seeing as our collective attention spans have deteriorated significantly these days, (to less than that of goldfish I have read somewhere, I think…I forgot. I didn’t pay attention).

However as ABBA once sung, “What’s the name of the game”. Well the name of the game nowadays very much seems to be…patience, my friends, patience.

We are now in 2016 and we all have to play the long game – hell, even those with a “Blackhat” stuck firmly upon their hat racks, have to wait some time before they see some movement.

Granted it still comes rapidly, but it is way more difficult than many people think. So let’s just focus on the “Whitehat” way.


I know that there are numerous blogs and videos and newsletters and like out there, all claiming to be able to bypass this waiting period and get you immediate income.

But if you’ve been suckered in with a YouTube comment telling you how someone’s mum earns thousands of dollars an hour; then you’ve already failed before you have even begun!

How Patience & Perseverance Pays Off While Making Money Online

How Patience & Perseverance Pays Off While Making Money Online
Let me introduce myself:

My name is Harry, and I got my first real taste of online affiliate income about 9 months ago.

Guess how much I made?


That’s right I made that obscene amount of money, purely on the back of a review post about a very specific item in the work health niche.

I didn’t spend it all at once though, because I’m savvy like that.

Ok, now guess how long that took me to make?

You ready…7 months.

Yes 7 months.

7 months of seeing absolutely no movement at all in traffic, apart from the occasional referral spam or other various robot crawlers.

This is apparently something to do with a Google sandbox, where Google let’s a brand new website stew for several months (the consensus being around 6 months), to gauge whether it is a thin, spam style website, or something that they should actually bother to rank.

What was I doing all of that time!?

Understand here, that in all of that time I was writing furiously – both review posts and also pure content posts.

This is the key, to keep updating with fresh, interesting content so that Google can monitor your site and will start to show it some love after this sandbox period.

I started by writing general information pieces about the niche and doing lots of research to make sure that I was writing content that actually made sense and people would read.

I probably wrote about 70% of the content myself and paid for the rest. You don’t have to pay for any content and can write it all yourself, but I am half lazy and half have a serious time deficit.

This site was my first real foray into trying to make an income online rather than just purely blogging about my life and other peculiar online activates such as lurking about various forums.

When I was a few months in, and after really getting to grips with SEO and how much Google loves licking links, I attempted some outreach by emailing a site owner who ran an established and authoritative website about my niche, and asked to do a guest post for a link.

He said yes absolutely, he would love that.

Needless to say I was very happy and set about doing some research and writing a long 2,000 + word article about a very specific subject that I knew nothing about because I thought I was the bees knees and thought the guy would love it.

I finished it up and sent it over to him, confident that I was amazing and he would love it and tell all of his readers about how wonderful I was.

You know what happened?

He sent me an email back telling me that it was utter crap and I shouldn’t have wasted my time.

Let me tell you something:

There is nothing like having your pride wounded; especially when you are so certain that you will be working from home earning a living online and in your underwear 🙁

Key take away from that experience, only write something if you actually know what you are on about – you won’t fool anyone and if you get traffic it become very bouncy.

What happened next?

So I carried on plugging away disheartened, but not so hurt that I decided to pack it all in – I’m a stubborn SOB!

I was also working on the site as well as having a full time job and a family to look after so I would just write whenever I had time and as I am sure many of you can relate, it seemed there is never enough time.

Anyway, I carried on reading and learning as much as I could about online marketing and everything that went with it.

I set up Facebook page as well as a Google + page and community.

I nurtured these pages quite well, even paying to get some likes to the Facebook page. This was kind of an eye opener really, because as I said previously, the niche is a very, very specific work / health related niche.

The very fact that people saw my Facebook advert and thought that they would like to like it gave me a boost in hope that I could actually do something with this!

In fact, as I am writing this, I think that this may be a cheap and easy way to figure out if a niche is worth pursuing.

You could do these things:

  • Quickly and easily set up a Facebook page
  • Make it look nice and professional – make a simple logo etc.
  • Post some relevant stories and other interesting but related things from around the web to fill it out
  • Buy some Facebook adverts with the target of getting page likes
  • Optimize it as specifically as you can towards your target audience
  • Set a lifetime budget of maybe $30
  • Sit back and see what happens

There you go.

I just literally, right now thought of that and I will probably do that for every niche site I set up in the future.

The idea being that if you only get a trickle of traffic to the page and very few likes, then you have either messed up the advertising targeting options, not found a worthwhile niche or might just need to do a bit more research.

I also became a member of several “Niche Mastermind” Facebook groups and these were really helpful and I advise doing the same because most of them offer some really great help and advice, but they also help you to keep going.

Keyword Research

This is super important for a niche site.

In fact it is the thing that will make or break both you and the website.

If you don’t get it right, then you will spend a whole lot of time, effort and possibly money for nothing.

How do I know this?

Well just believe me when I say that I have had so many failed websites that it is making me wince a bot just thinking about it.

So, we know that keyword research = important.

But what does that mean?

OK, I am not going to go into super detail here because Chris already has some great articles here, including this one:

An Introduction To Keyword Research

But there are a few basic points that you should adhere to:

  • Before you even start to think about keywords, head on over to a web host to set up your site, you must consider just who your target audience is and why they should read what you’ve got to write.
  • Only ever, EVER, think long tail. If your keyword is something like: “Best Shoes”, then you should hold your head in shame and start again.
  • Google Keyword Planner is useful, but you should really find a proper keyword tool. My tool of choice is Long Tail Pro which is paid for.
  • If your niche site is about the best shoes, then think harder about what shoes they are for. For example, “the best running shoes for people with 6 toes”, and then head on over to some forums and check out just what runners who have 6 toes, are talking about.
  • Many people say that Google hates SEO and keywords, but I disagree. Why? Well if you type in your keyword into Google search, they very kindly provide you with a list of related keywords, or LSI keywords, in the “Related Search” section.
  • Finally, don’t get too bogged down with monthly searches. I have seen so many people think that they have found an amazing keyword with over 6,000 monthly searches and apparently low competition. The competition may be low because it is a keyword that is difficult to monetize, or there are some really big boys that don’t happen to have the keyword in their titles. Whatever the reason, these ones are big and difficult to rank for. My main keyword has 0 monthly searches, but the combined value of its variations adds up to nearly 1,000 monthly visitors to my site! That is visitors; not predicted traffic!

The reason that I briefly just went through how to find a good keyword, is because that is pretty much the main process that I used to find some keywords that I currently rank for very well with my niche site.

I get most traffic organically, completely free from just 3 main long tail keywords, (3 different posts), and there many, many, many variations.

Number of keywords

So What About Now?

Back to the main point of patience.

I nearly lost faith in this project after a while because I was seeing nothing. No movement or rankings or anything.

I was starting to feel like I had spent a whole lot of money and time for a whole lot of nothing, and I am sure that many others have felt, or feel this way at some time.

But then, something magical happened…

I clicked into my Amazon Associates account for my daily routine of inspecting the number 0, only to find that it wasn’t 0!

No. It was in fact $1.52!

Someone had gone to my site, liked what they saw, clicked on my affiliate link and then bought the product from Amazon.

This actually happened. This is a thing that happens in real life and not just for other people!

Fantastic, I was super happy and to be honest, I actually didn’t care about the money so much. Rather I cared about the fact that my website did have potential!

READ: How To Make Money As An Amazon Associate

State Of Affairs Right Now

Right now the site I still ticking over and I haven’t really updated it for a while apart from tweaking a few things, updating some posts and general maintenance.

According to Ahrefs, it is currently ranking for nearly 4,000 US keywords and nearly 800 UK keywords.

Most of these are in the top 10 results and some, including my 3 main ones, generally hover around the top 3.

NIche Site Traffic

You can see in the image, just how rapidly the traffic has shot up after many months of waiting around.


I said at the beginning and I’ll say at the end:

Patience is the name of the game.

It may seem frustrating, but if you are getting frustrated about this fact, just think about it like this:

Not that many people have the patience to wait these things out and will abandon their website after a couple of months of no progress.

Why is that good?

Think about it, there will be less competition and for those of us that have the danglies to keep going, the rewards are volumous and hearty.

Like a King eating a fat pig.

Be patient, think positively and become a King eating fat pigs.

This has been a guest post by Harry Bloom from I stumbled on his website and I really likes his style of writing and how he shares his knowledge with the world. I suggest you check out more articles on his blog to learn more about blogging.

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