How to Build Trust With Your Audience With The 3 C’s

Let’s face it, trust is hard to create. I bet we both could name several (if not hundreds) times when someone betrayed our trust.

So it’s easy to see why everyone is so reluctant to trust people, right? No one wants to get burned….so people are super defensive with their trust. Can you blame ‘em?

So how do you build trust with your blog’s audience, since it’s so hard?

Building trust starts with your motives and ends with the 3 C’s of trust building. It’s certainly not easy, but is for sure possible. And once you establish trust, you can take your blog to new heights.

 I can’t stress enough how important trust building is for your blog. Trust is often times the barrier between a successful blog and one that never sees its potential.


Before we get started, remember this…never betray your readers’ trust (I know you won’t do that but this is for that one guy who wants to abuse people’s trust).

In this post, we will:

  • See what role your motives play in this whole thing.
  • Learn how to build trust with your audience with the 3 C’s.
  • See why trust building is worth it.

Are you ready for a trust fall?

How to Build Trust With Your Audience With The 3 C’s

Trust Building Starts With Your Personal Motives

This seems obvious but many people miss this. You have to actually have good, genuine intentions in order for your audience to trust you.

Most people can see right through you if you are intending to deceive them.  So before you start trying to build trust, complete the following checklist:

Make sure you…

  • Have a clear mission and goal for your blog.
  • Want to actually help your audience.
  • Can empathize with your audience.

As simple as this sounds, this can make a huge difference. Think about it….you can pretty easily tell when someone is trying to take advantage of you, right?

I mean just look at someone like the sketchy car salesman. If someone is only being nice to you in order to get in your wallet, you can tell.

So…once you have checked off these things and have a picture of a sketchy car salesman in your head, go ahead and move on to the 3 C’s of trust building.

Building Trust With The 3 C’s

It’s time to reveal what the 3 C’s are and what they mean.

Ready? Good.

The 3 C’s of trust building are: Content, Credibility, and Creativity.

Make this part of your blogging life so you can truly build trust with your readers. So what do these words mean in this context? Let’s take a deeper look. ..


Your blog posts are one of the main ways that you build trust with your readers. I’m serious.

The way you build trust through content is by empathizing with your readers. Tell them straight up in your posts about how you have had the same problems that they do and that you don’t have it all together.

People are much more likely to trust someone who not only admits that they don’t know everything, but who also understands their problems.

Think about it from your perspective…would you listen to someone who didn’t know the problems you are facing or someone who has had the same problems and solved them?

The second one is the person I’d choose too. Content is a large part of the picture here, but there are more parts to the story (there are 2 more c’s).


This is pretty straightforward…you have to show your audience that you are a credible source. You want to do this in a way that doesn’t seem like you’re bragging, but simply reinforces that you know what you’re talking about.

If we were in school and writing a research paper, our teachers would tell us not to be like Wikipedia, but rather to be more like a .edu source (I used to use Wikipedia anyway).

The best way to show credibility is to show your relevant qualifications in your “about me” page of your blog and to have an “about me” preview on your sidebar. People don’t normally want to read your “about me” page (not me though, I’d love to read yours) so you can mainly just use that as a place to display your credentials.

This way when someone is reading a post, they can glance over to see an “about me” page that they can click on to see that you know your stuff. After they see you know your stuff and like your content, they will be super close to trusting you, if they don’t already.


This is creativity in the sense that your blog needs to be different. In other words, you need to have a unique voice and mission.

Don’t necessarily do something crazy that no one would like, like having a blog about seedless grapes, but a certain degree of “uniqueness” is very helpful.

What does this have to do with trust building?

Think of this as something that accelerates the process of building trust. It’s not vital to building trust, but it helps people feel inclined to jump on your bandwagon.

If someone likes your unique voice or agrees with your mission, they are much more likely to give you their trust. That’s just a simple fact from psychology class…

So basically, if you are unique and have a clear mission, people who have similar views will give you their trust quicker.

Get it?

These are all related so use them in unison to see the best results. Never forget the 3 C’s. Never ever.

Why Trust Building Is Worth It

How to Build Trust With Your Audience With The 3 C's

Building trust with your audience allows for you to become an influencer and makes it incredibly easy to sell things.

Power and money. That’s what I want for sure.

But listen up friend,

I can’t stress this enough…you can’t take advantage of having someone’s trust. That is utterly despicable. But I know you won’t do that (I hope that one guy is still listening).

Use their trust to further help them while also providing yourself with a source of income. You can seriously start blogging as your main source of income if you build trust with your readers, it is that important.

Want to start blogging for a living? Lord, I certainly do.

Ready To See Trust Take Your Blog To New Heights?

It’s really important to build trust with your audience if you want your blog to take off.

Use the 3 C’s, Content, Credibility, and Creativity, to start building trust with your readers. Once your readers trust you, you will gain some hardcore fans that will ride with you until the end. And those super crazy fans you make are the key to making serious dough.

So, go forth and start building trust with your blog readers so you can get your blog into the stratosphere. ’ll leave you with some parting advice…you can’t spell trust without us (us being you and your readers).

– John and the Blog Sheriff team

P.S Want to know more about how to build trust with your readers? Feel free to email me at and I’d love to chat!

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