How To Overcome The Fear Of Publishing Your First Blog Post

One of the most exciting (and scary) thing for a new blogger to do is to publish their first blog posts.

A lot of ideas spring up just about as you are going to hit publish:

  • Is it good enough?
  • Is it long enough?
  • Who will read it?
  • Did I make any grammar mistakes?
  • Am I a good writer?
  • Is this how it’s supposed to look like?

All these questions are what went through my mind around 4 years ago when I first started blogging.

I was so scared and fearful that I didn’t want anybody to read my posts because I feared they will laugh at me.

Imagine that; me trying to write a piece of content that I secretly didn’t want anybody to read because I was too embarrassed LOL. You can imagine the “work of art” that came out of that right?

Well if you are having any of these thoughts right now, which could even be crippling your progress, let me tell you exactly how to overcome the fear of publishing your first blog post.

Right now, around 2000-3000 readers read my writing every day and I am super pumped about it (and want even more readers).

If you want to have a successful blog, whatever that means (some say readership, income or even a hobby), you must overcome this nasty fear that is not getting you anywhere.

And I will tell you why and how in these coming words:

How To Overcome The Fear Of Publishing Your First Blog Post

Let’s take a look at each of the thoughts a newbie blogger might have before they publish and I’ll show you how the fear can be overcome.

Is it Good Enough?

If you put in your maximum effort, it is good enough yes.

You might not be JK Rowling good but if you genuinely shared your experience and knowledge to the best of your abilities then you did good enough.

Who said you have to be a published author or a best-selling author to write a blog?

Taking a look at the blogs I follow and read every day, none of the bloggers have these attributes and they are very successful with their blogs.

Get the idea that you need to be an A+ writer for you to be able to blog.

I’m far from being a published author and English is not even my first language but I still run 5 blogs, write 1000+ words a day and I;ve managed to create an income-earning blog business.

Is It Long Enough?

It’s your very first blog post, chill out a bit.

Blog posts are recommended to be 1500+ for it to do well in search engines but as a newbie blogger publishing your first post, you might not have to stress about it too much.

Sure I would urge you to develop your writing and try to push for longer content as you get better but do not force it either.

When I first started out, the recommended word limit was 400 words and I remember thinking 400 is way too much for me.

Nowadays I have 400 words in the introduction and regularly write 2500+ words blog posts.

It all comes to experience and skill level. If you have the skill to write long content, that’s awesome. If not that’s ok too.If you practice writing a minimum set of words each day, you will be a much better writer in as little as 1 week.

If you practice writing a set minimum of words each day, you will be a much better writer in as little as 1 week.

Just try it and you’ll see. The key is consistent effort though (as with everything)

Who Will Read It?

Do you want to know the truth?

Probably nobody will ever read your first blog post so don’t worry too much about it.

Often times the very first 5-10 blog posts never get much readership because people do not know your blog exist (unless of course you make an effort to publish it and share it on social media).

However, as time goes by, and you build a bigger blog, you will realize that your very first blog posts don’t matter at all.

I don’t even remember my first blog post and I am sure nobody else in the world remembers it either.

However, this should not be a deterrent for you. Even though probably nobody will ever read it, you still need to publish it.

An individual blog post may not mean much right now but in time, it will contribute to the overall success of your blog.

Obviously, there always has to be a first, otherwise you won’t be able to start. And if you don’t want to start blogging, I’m doubting why you are still reading this post.

Did I Make Any Grammar Mistakes?

Probably yes, but again; who cares?

4 years in and I am still making grammar mistakes in my blog posts. Thank goodness I now have a tool that catches the majority of them (Grammarly).

However, I have read best-selling book by best-selling authors and there were spelling and grammar mistakes.

It just goes to show that a real person, with real knowledge, experience and passion write the content you are reading.

As long as you get the information I am trying to send, we are golden.

Make sure the point you are trying to make is clear to the reader and you’re set.

Am I A Good Writer?

You might be but I’m sure you still have a lot more progress to do.

Whenever I look at my old blog posts, I start to hate myself because the content is so poorly written.

Also, I am sure that in a years time, I will probably look back at this very same blog post and hate it completely.


Because my writing skills keep evolving and getting better with practice; and yours will do too.

I really, really hope you would look back at your first blog post you and hate it, I really do wish that on you.

That means you’ve actually improved and you are now a much better writer, blogger, and influencer. Congratulations!

Does this mean you should practice your skills before you publish? Again; no!

Procrastinating from publishing your first post is not a good idea either because you will be missing out on a lot of other experiences that you can learn from.

Just do your best, make an effort, spend some time reviewing your content and hit that magical publish button.

If there ever was a “one-click-system” for success, this is probably it!

Is This How It’s Supposed To Look Like?

If it looks good to you, then it probably is.

However, I want to share with you some tips on how to make your blog post look good to readers:

  • Have images in the content,
  • Space it out with short 2-3 sentence paragraphs,
  • It should always be black text on white/light background,
  • It has an introduction / body / conclusion and
  • It delivers it’s message clearly.

If your post passes these 5 points, then you blog post is looking good.

You may learn a few more tricks along the way with practice on how to make it look better but for starters, it’s good enough.

Remember; real people are reading your content and if you can read it with ease, then probably others wouldn’t have a problem.

In Closing

If you have a blog post sitting in your “drafts”, please make sure you go over and publish it immediately after reading these last few remaining words.

It does take guts and effort to publish your thoughts to the world but I promise you that once you publish your first one, it’s going to be much easier publishing the second one, third one and so on.

I really hope you liked this post and I hope this has opened your eyes and made you realize how “unimportant” your fears are when publishing your very first blog post.

I really would like to help you on your journey to success and thus, I would like you to take my #1 rated, FREE training course for newbie bloggers like yourself.

I want to walk you through the first few “uneasy” steps and watch you grow into a successful, money making blogger and the best way I can teach you how is by joining me on this course.

Again; it’s free to join and I will be there to help explain everything to you.

It’s an exciting world that you are getting into, I hope you are excited.

Thank you for reading and good luck (not like you need it though).

Chris Lee

How To Overcome The Fear Of Publishing Your First Blog Post

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