How To Stay Determined To Win In Blogging

When the lack of motivation starts to creep in; it means trouble.

Being motivated is the key to overcoming the struggles to your success in blogging. But how does one stay determined? How does one stay hungry? How can you stay focused and determined to win in blogging?

Well that’s what we’re going to be discussing today.

It’s totally ok to feel discouraged, but you have to know how to flip that into a desire to win, and it’s easier than you think.

Even though I can say I’m a full-time blogger now, I still get discouraged sometimes.This blog you’re reading hasn’t brought much in yet, but I just know it will. I am

This blog you’re reading hasn’t brought much in yet, but I just know it will. I am 100% sure this blog is going to be one of my best earners even though it’s not showing it just yet.

UPDATE: Now that this blog is successful in its own right, I urge you to see how much work it took to get it here.

Following is how I stay optimistic and determined to make your blog another “success story“!

How To Stay Determined To Win In Blogging

Get Yourself In The Right Mindset

Before starting your new challenge, make sure you have the prerequisite mindset to be a successful blogger. You really need to know what you’re getting yourself into before you fully commit yourself to it.

For that, I suggest you check out an article I’ve recently published about having the right mindset.

Determine Your Higher Purpose

As bloggers and content producers, we are the “talkers” but sometimes our job is to also listen. As a matter of fact, I’d say it’s even more important to listen than to talk!

I like to do this exercise every once in a while:

I go on Wealthy Affiliate or Twitter and I seek out people that are looking for advice related to my niche. In this example, I look for people that have questions about blogging and online business in general.

How can this help you stay determined?

  • You’re having a real, human, one-on-one interaction with a reader.
  • You’re also making yourself known. But most importantly….
  • You’re helping people. And with that comes a certain pride.

When I get to help a person and he or she shows gratitude (even if they don’t), it reminds me of why I started this blog in the first place; I want to help people build successful blogs!

Doing this simple exercise reminds of the “higher purpose” of this blog. Sure I like the money and the working-from-home aspect of it all, but helping people has always been my focus!

Write About What You Like

I’ve said this a million times; You will not survive if you’re not blogging about what you’re deeply passionate about.

Blogging is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and it’s going to take time to build it big enough that it makes you money, so make sure that whatever you blog about is enjoyable and fun for you.

I love reading blogs and I love the fact that anybody can build a real business with one. This is the thing that inspires me and this is how I enjoy my time;  I eat, sleep and think about blogs, so it was only natural for me to eventually start “a blog on blogging“.

Remember Why You Chose Blogging

As I’ve said, this is going to take time, but if you’re determined to succeed and win, then nothing can stop you.

It’s ok to feel down and discouraged, it’s only human, but the challenge here is to flip that into motivation to take the next step and keep going.

Think about why you decide to start blogging:

  • Were you sick and tired of your job?
  • Were you looking for a new adventure?
  • Wanted to start a new hobby?
  • You want to create an extra income for you to spend it on things you enjoy?

Whatever it is, make a mental picture of it and keep that in mind. If you believe in the Law Of Attraction and the powerful feelings of desire, then you know what I mean.

Once you have a clear goal, all the self doubt and self defeating attitude will disappear.

Always Keep Learning

Never, ever stop learning. If your blog is about technology, make sure you read daily; tech news, tech reviews, comments and tech blogs.

This “hunger” for information will keep you motivated and focused. It will also help you come up with blog posts for you to write.

Remember That Nothing Is Permanent

Nothing in the world is permanent! Nothing is ever going to stay the same. Not me, not you, not even the internet.

If you’re not getting readers, if you’re not getting ranked, or if you only have 10 people on your social networks;

It doesn’t matter!

As long as you keep yourself in the game and not quit, you’re eventually going to win. It has to happen!

With the right education and and a lot of effort; your rankings will change, you’ll eventually get hundreds of readers and your followers and community will increase. Just as long as you stay determined to win.

That is why I love the “hard work” mentality!

Because I know that my 90% of my competition won’t work as hard as me (for as long as me), and if I work hard enough; I’m guaranteed success! 

This is the mentality I was raised with and so far it has served me well. In 8 months I’ve built 3 monetised blogs that earn me a full time income when just 12 months ago I thought I was going to be stuck in a dead end job.

Nothing Is Permanent! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

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Chris Lee

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