Interview with Gaurav Kumar: Founder of eAskme

When it comes to blogging, you will see so many professional bloggers who are monetizing various niches from years. Blogging has opened its doors for everyone. Anyone can start a blog and try to be a successful blogger by good working strategies.

There are many people who have started blogging as just a hobby and then devoted themselves to blogging and now known as the super successful bloggers.

Today I am going to introduce you with one of the most successful blogger, Gaurav Kumar. He is not just a blogger who makes good money, but also a person who makes money by teaching others how to make money. He is the Founder of eAskme and the man behind WikiAskMe & AwardWinningBlog.

Today we will learn more about Gaurav from himself in this professional blogger interview.

Meet Gaurav Kumar: Founder of eAskme

meet gaurav kumar

Q: Hi Gaurav, Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Gaurav: Hi, I am Gaurav Kumar, from India. I am a full time professional blogger, affiliate marketers and motivational speaker. I am an Arts Graduate, who worked in MNC`s for long time and later found the best of his life when adopted blogging as profession.

I have started eAskme in 2014 as a technology blog. On eAskme I talks about how even a completely ignorant to blogging can become a professional blogger.  Not only Blogging but I also cover various topics like social media updates, money making opportunities, SEO, Affiliate marketing and various promotions.

Q: How did you get into blogging?

My introduction to blogging was an accident. I was at a game parlour where I met a student who was doing his graduation. He told me that there is a way to make money online and that is Blogging. He also told me that he didn’t knew much about that so I should do some research on Internet.

He has just given me a thought that I can make money online and I started researching about blogging and how to start a blog. My very first blog was a news blog on BlogSpot. Blog was a greatest hit for me in 2013 as I was making over $500 every month with that.

In 2014, I started eAskme and fully devoted my time to blogging.

Q: What inspired you to start your blog?

I always say that biggest inspiration always comes from inside. You cannot get inspiration from anything until you want to. My inspiration was those professional bloggers who were doing blogging and making huge money. There is a name that inspired me a lot to start a blog and that is Founder of, Courtney Rosen.

Money is also a great motivation when we want to start something new. For me also, I have seen how Courtney Rosen was making millions of dollars every month and which inspired me a lot that if a follow proper strategies than I can also grow as a professional blogger and live a million dollar dream.

Q: What is your Biggest Blogging Mistake?

As a human being we are tend to make mistakes, but a professional always learn from his mistakes. I have also made mistakes when I started blogging. My very first mistake was not following the guidelines of search engine giant Google. I never cared about copy content until it hit my news blog.

Second mistake was ignoring SEO. I was not aware about SEO in the beginning and never tried to rank my first blog on any keyword, result after some time my traffic started decreasing and old posts were not getting anything.

So from my experience I know that following search engines guidelines and learning SEO is really important for a blogger to make a blog successful.

Q: How a complete newbie can start a blog?

Starting a blog has some pre steps. The first thing a newbie blogger to decide is the niche on which he/she wants to start a blog. He should do some research to find out most profitable niche, but doing so he must remember that the niche he choose should be of his own interest also.

Second thing is buying a domain and web hosting. Many people make mistakes of choosing free subdomains and free hosting services which make them pay for their mistakes in long run. When you want to make money blogging then why you are not ready to invest for it. A professional always know where to invest?

Third is that every newbie blogger should learn blogging online from a professional blogger. He should also learn SEO and should understand how promotions work.

Q: What are the best ways to make money blogging?

We all work for money and do blogging also to make more money. Blogging is itself the best way to make money online. It opens the door of immense amount of money making opportunities for a blogger.

When it comes to blogging, every newbie blogger wants to make money with Adsense. There is no doubt that Adsense is the best contextual advertising program based on CPC. Blogger make money when reader clicks on ad.

There are many other ways which help a blogger to make money such as:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Direct ads
  3. Sponsored reviews
  4. Guest Posts
  5. Creating and selling blogs
  6. Blog consulting service

For me affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. I don’t just like it but I love it. Who do not love when a single sale can bring $50-$1000.

Q : What are the blogs that you follow?

A blogger’s life is always in learning period. Everyday new things come and you cannot learn everything on your own. So like other professional bloggers I also follow some blogs which help me to know things on time.


Q: Which blogging tools you use?

These days internet is full of many tools which help a blogger to research, analyze, create and promote his content.

  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs
  • Facebook power editor
  • SEMRush
  • Hootsuite
  • SEOPowerSuite

Q: What are the best places to connect with you?

You or anyone can connect me on my blogs or on my social profiles. Here are they

eAskme: Ask me anything and learn everything

AwardWinningBlog : a Newbie blogging blog

WikiAskme: A Technology Blog

Wikihealthblog : A health blog

iOSCrunch: iOS niche blog



Pinterest –

Q: Message for readers

To all the reader I must say that this i the best time of your life, utilize it. Don`t just sit around; start your own blog, not just for money but for everything. Blogging is a fun which makes you live a boss free life and enjoy your time. If you need my help, ask me.

So reader, today we have learned about Founder of eAskme, how to get into blogging, make money and run a blog successfully.

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