Useful Tips For Writing Your First Blog Post

You’ve finally decided to start your blog and get to blogging! That is amazing and congrats for going through with it but your work isn’t done yet, it actually start now.

Writing your first blog post can be intimidating. You have:

  • No previous experience
  • No idea what to write about
  • No idea what is right and wrong and
  • No clue if the readers will like it or not.

I’ve had these same feelings about 4 years ago when I started blogging.

It can be very intimidating to share your ideas with the world and have it there for criticism but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems and I am going to share with you my tips for writing your first blog post.

If you follow my instructions, you would have no problems and no anxiety. Trust me on this.

I publish 4-6 blog posts a week nowadays (that perform well and make me an income) without giving it much thought, and I am going to show you how to do the same.

Are you ready? I’m sure you are. Let’s get into it. Here are:

My Tips For Writing Your First Blog Post

I’m going to walk you through all the fears I’ve mentioned earlier. I will tell you why you should not let them stop you and how you can overcome it with ease.

No Previous Experience

Do not worry about this. You do not have to be a NYT best seller to write a blog.

All you have to do is just write as you would talk. If you are going to write a “how to” post, write it out as you would explain it to a friend.

This is not being unprofessional or “amateur”, this is you finding your voice and if you write as you talk, you are going to sound friendly and very natural.

Just start writing and do not stop to think about what you are writing.

Obviously, when done, go over it again and again and look out for spelling and grammar mistakes and also see what you can add or subtract to your argument.

I call this the “polishing phase” and I suggest you spend a lot of time polishing your post.

No Idea On What To Write About?

Do not worry at all, there are a lot of ways you can generate content ideas for you to write about.

Once you learn the basics of how to get ideas, your only problem is going to be having too many ideas and not enough time to write it all.

At the beginning of 2016, I doubled my publishing frequency so I was afraid I would run out of ideas, but here I am having new ideas pop into my head every day.

I have over 1000 title ideas on my Evernote that I write down whenever they pop into my head.

Even if they don’t make any sense, still write them down. You can view them later and see what you want to write or just delete.

I would say keep a pen and paper with you to write these down but it’s 2016 now. Open up your notes app on your phone or download the Evernote app (free) and write down your ideas as new notes in your notebook.

Take a look at this guide on how to get content ideas.

No Idea What Is Right Or Wrong

When it comes to writing your content there are some rules that you should follow. Off the top of my head I can mention these:

Do not copy/paste content from somebody else.

That is a big no-no. If you just copy / paste content, your blog will never be successful.

Do not write your words in 1 huge paragraph.

Rather, space out your content in 2-3 sentence paragraphs and also use titles to illustrate your point.

This will make it easy and enjoyable for readers to read.

Do not bold, underline, or italic too much content.

There is nothing more annoying than a post that has every other sentence formatted to be bold or underlined.

It’s just confusing and it gives you a headache reading it.

Instead, just keep it clean and only bold your headings, If you must, only bold one or 2 sentences in all your blog post.

Do not leave any grammar mistakes.

You’re going to have spelling mistakes and typos on your content, that is just something you have to deal with it.

I still do too. Although I have tools that will spot a spelling mistake, I still sometimes read old content and say “This spelling is an embarrassment”.

It’s ok don’t worry about it, I have read famous books that have spelling mistakes and typos, it’s not the end of the world.

However, do make an effort to spot out and fix as many errors as you can. It will keep your content looking clean and professional.

Afraid Of What People Might Think About It.

Guess what: If it’s your first ever blog post, probably no one will ever read it!

Say what now!??

Yes, your first post will likely not get ranked and a few people will ever read it.

By the time your blog starts getting some serious amounts of traffic, there will be much more content for others to read.

Actually, as time goes by, the chance of your first blog post being read will only diminish.

You readers will look for fresher content and search engines will likely slowly de-rank it to make way for new content (if they ever actually rank it anyway).

This might piss you off a bit, but trust me when I say; having nobody read your first post is a good thing.

Why? Because in a years time when you look back on it, you will see how much you’ve improved and you would consider that first blog post an embarrassment.

Every year, my writing improves and even if I look at this post in a year’s time, I am going to hate it. I just know it. It never fails.

If you write every day, you will get better and better so your first post would look like a 5-year-old wrote it.

This is not to put you off, but more to put your mind at ease if you think your post is not good enough to be read.

Don’t let this stop you though, it’s just a part of the blogging journey!

Some More Additional Tips On Writing Your First Blog

The above tips should be enough to get you motivated to write your first blog post but the work does not stop there.

Now that you have your words down, it’s time to make it a bit more visual:

Add Some Images

Every piece of content needs at least 2 images. It will make the post appear much more visually pleasing and also readers and search engines like it.

If you are stressing out about where to find images, don’t worry at all. You can create one using, which is a free service or else go on, embed an image from there and leave a link to the source.

Very easy.

Hit That “Publish” Button

If this is your first blog post, there is a bit of excitement around hitting the “publish” button for the first time.

Do not stress too much about this, you’re going to be hitting that button many, many times. Instead of freaking out, make this moment a special one by thinking how much you’ve actually accomplished so far.

  • You started a WEBSITE,
  • Bought a domain and got it hosted,
  • Choose and edited the visual of your theme,
  • Wrote a blog post and now you are publishing it.

That is great. Most people wanting to blog never start because they’re afraid they will ‘screw up” in those first few stages, but you made it through.

I suggest you pour yourself a drink and celebrate this milestone.

Ok, First Post Published, Now What?

Write another one, then another one, then another one for the rest of your life (or till you decided blogging is not something you want to continue doing).

As a blogger, your job is to blog. I don’t know why people tend to forget that.

Keep writing, keep learning and keep grinding until one day, 1 / 2 / 3 years from now, you look back on your very first post and say: “God that’s embarrassing”.

If that happens to you, then congrats. You’ve made huge progress and you should pour yourself another drink haha.

Thank you very much for reading, I appreciate you dropping by and I hope this post has helped you overcome some fears about writing your first blog post.

Drop me a comment down below, I’d love to hear about your experiences with publishing post numero uno!

Till next time.


Some Useful Tips For Writing Your First Blog Post

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