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How A 23 Year Old Makes $40,000 With Her Online Hustle

I love hearing about success stories, and one of the lessons I have learned from my many mentors is to celebrate (and learn) from the people who are performing better than you and have achieved goals you are chasing.

This week, I’ve had the pleasure of coming across a great video guide showing in a great, step by step detailed manner how a 23-year-old woman started a fitness and fashion empire online (in her spare time) which is now generating around $40,000 per month (with a business that started off as a side-hustle.)

I love, love, love stories like this and I watch stuff like this on a daily basis for my own inspiration, but before I share this video with you all, I first want to talk about why I loved this video so much (and decided to feature it on my blog.)

Here is what you will learn from this video today:

  • How to go from knowing nothing to making a life-chaning income online,
  • How to fight back against the tide of the doubters and setback that you will eventually face,
  • How to learn this business (with actionable tips on how to get started) and obviously;
  • How this 23-year-old managed to build her business to close to half a million a year doing things she loves!

If you’re just getting started and want some inspiration, then this is the video I recommend you see and learn from.

There is so much information in this hour-long video that it will be worth your time and I suggest you take notes and act (quickly) on the things you are about to learn.

Below you will find the video and below the video, you can also see some of the resources listed above so you can start taking action immediately.

How Can A 23 Year Old Make $40,000 A Month Online

Tools / Resources Mentioned In The Video

This video was produced by ProjectLife Mastery, a great resource of information for online entrepreneurs.

I suggest you make it a habit of following Stefan (and his girlfriend) as they continue to inspire thousands of people to build a massive, thriving online business to free themselves from the daily usual grind most of us hate.

Thank you Stefan, thank you Tatiana (founder of Luxx Health) and also thank you for taking the time out to read this blog and making a change in your life.

For some links and sources of my own about how to start an online business, please see the links below:

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