If you’re still thinking you can’t make money online blogging, well – congratulations; you’re going to miss out on something big today.

Just for the record; money can be made online and is being made 24/7 around the world by bloggers who decided to give it a try and rise to the opportunity at hand.

I too am currently making a full-time income online – and have been doing so since January of 2018 – however; my income report for that month is nothing compared to what Create & Go are pulling in from their blog.

Who Are Create & Go?

Create & Go are the co-creators of Avocadu.com, a popular blog in the women’s health and fitness niche which we often featured before, however; their blogging ventures are what is really inspiring to watch.

In this video, Alex – one half of Create & Go – shares how they made $140,000+ in one month with their blog – that is crazy considering they’ve only been doing this for just 2 years.

Ok, I’ll pause on the spoiler alerts here, take a look at the below video to learn what they are doing and how you can get started as well – who knows, maybe one day we will be featuring your own blogging success story here.

earn $140,000 a month blogging

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