Heating The House When The Boiler Betrays You!

It’s freezing outside, and it’s right now, in the middle of the night, that your boiler decides it’s going to break down.

Not ideal at all, is it? Your boiler heats your water tank and ensures that your house radiates heat when you turn it on. In the dead of night when you’re asleep, you won’t know that the boiler has failed.

Not until you wake up in the morning and realize that you’ve stepped into the snow, inside the house.

Well, that’s how it feels, anyway!

The problem with the boiler breakdown in the middle of the night is that you are delayed in realizing it, meaning the house will cool down rapidly and you will need to get the boiler professionals in to check it out sooner than you’d like.


While you’re waiting for the professionals at High Mark Plumbing to come and sort out the boiler, you need to get creative about how to heat your home.

Let’s take a look.

  • Add Some Layers. You need to wrap up warm. You can’t do anything about fixing the boiler, but adding thermals and tshirts under jumpers and socks and trainers – and a coat if necessary – can keep you snug until you get some help.
  • Close The Curtains/Blinds. You need to stop the cooler air from leaking into the house, and having closed curtains and blinds can make a huge difference to the amount of cold air that gets through. You also have to be able to trap in the heat into the home, and if you don’t trap it properly, you will be cold.
  • Close The Doors. In the interest of keeping the warmth in, you need to shut all the doors in the house. To add to the heat trapped inside, you could add draft excluders or rolled up towels to the bottoms of the doors and block the gaps.
  • Cook Something Warm. If your electric is still working and you have a slow cooker, get the most hearty meal cooking with some bread being made. Fresh, home made bread with stew or curry can be the best way to warm up from the inside and feel full and content. Mugs of tea or hot chocolate are also a good addition to keeping yourself warm!
  • Break Out The Electric Heaters. If your neighbours or your friends have any electric heaters in their homes that they could lend out, ask to borrow them! They do cost money to run – that’s something to be aware of – but they’re a good, short-term solution to a very irritating problem!
  • Boil Water. Electric hobs to the rescue! If you have the facility, boil some water. You can use the pans of water to bath, but you can also fill up hot water bottles from the pans or kettles, too. You should know it’s not particularly energy efficient, but it’ll keep you warm and get the job done.

Staying warm when the boiler breaks down is hard, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. Wrap up – your boiler will be fixed soon!

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