Finding Your Strut: It’s More Important Than You Think

We all respect someone with just a little attitude in their walk, but then when it comes to ourselves, we might not give ourselves the same credit.

It can feel as though we’re being too much of a trailblazer if we walk with a little attitude and confidence, and it might be that you needn’t wish to intimidate anyone.

Perhaps you want to walk with confidence around your office but don’t want to showboat.

Perhaps you have an awesome beautiful anniversary coming up and you want to look amazing for your partner and yourself, but you haven’t done this before and somewhat lack the confidence.

This is where we need to stop you, as a loving friend, and remind you: you deserve to embody a little attitude, too.

You’d be surprised just how wonderful this can be should you give yourself space to, and trust that you can do it. In fact, you’re likely going to be absolutely stunned by the results.

For that reason, we are going to help you find your strut. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find the attitude you had all along:

Wear The Right Shoes

You can’t walk with attitude without the right shoes to wear. It’s important to consider how you might choose style or comfort, and what’s the most important to you.

Or, alternatively, you could opt for both options and purchase many sets of shoes that fit the right occasion.

Flat professional shoes can help your experience at work feel much more comfortable, yet finding beautiful heels for social events can help you feel like a million bucks.

What matters is the fit, your ability to walk gracefully without forcing it, and how comfortable and confident you feel in them.

Without the right shoes, no one can walk with their particular strut.

how to find your strut

Adjust Your Posture

Posture can differ for obvious reasons between men and women, but the baseline principles are the same.

Keeping the shoulders back, walking in your most comfortable manner, keeping your chin up and chest out can help you feel the most confidence.

It can also help you attain a ‘power position,’ where your body is upright and you subconsciously feel capable as a result. In fact, this can prove to be a great ‘hack’ when it comes to your nerves.

When we feel anxious or out of place, we often feel as though subconsciously making ourselves smaller will help deal with that perceived threat.

It’s a deep, primal reflex from the days where we weren’t the apex predator.

Standing up straight and keeping yourself alert can tell your brain that everything is okay, and you needn’t worry. Hence – a walk with attitude.


The power and weight of self-belief can overcome similar energy from a million compliments and social sets of approval.

Simply believing that you are worthwhile and able can often help you overcome what little neuroticisms you have, and generally help you think ‘I am enough.’

If there’s anything that can cause a positive attitude to bloom, it would like be this.

With these tips, we hope you are more able to find your struts.

find your strut

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