With so much going on in the world of e-commerce and drop shipping, I thought I should give you all 3 lessons I learned from my drop shipping experience that I think would help put things into perspective for you.

Today, I will be telling you about how I made over $4,000 in one month with drop shipping, leading me to think about becoming the next Jeff Bezos and how I reacted when it was clear I just had “dum-luck” with my store.

In my last post (if you’ve missed it), I talked about learning a lot of life/business lessons in the early months of 2018, which brings me to the what I want to discuss today… some of the major lessons I learned with my drop shipping side-hustle.

As you all may know, along with my affiliate marketing business, I also do drop shipping and I learned a lot recently by analyzing some things about how I came to have a drop shipping business in the first place and also how numbers can be misleading.

$4,000 A Month Drop Shipping

$4,000 A Month Drop Shipping? Done!

November 2017

Back in November of 2017, I had a record-breaking month making over $4,000.

This was obviously due to the Christmas season being just a few days away and also; Black Friday which is where I made the bulk of that $4K in a single week.

As you probably imagined, I closed off that month thinking I will be the next Jeff Bezos (LOL)  but I quickly learned that I just had been lucky.

Recently, from February 2018 onwards, I have been spending more time reading and watching tutorials on how I can make my store better and I have to admit, that month in November was just dumb-luck.

Here are the lessons I learned from that experience:

Beginners Can Make Money Too

I started drop shipping as a beginner taking a simple Shopify store, filling it up with a few products, running some ads and “suddenly” I was making money.

Back then I thought I “cracked it” but I’ve come to realize we never actually do crack anything.

However, even though I was a “beginner” and had been “lucky“; I managed to start a completely new business and I’ve also made money! Which is what I am here to do at the end of the day!

Lesson #1:

Do not worry about being too far behind or not being too technical with things. All it took was some YouTube videos to get me going and I was up and running in a day!

We tend to over complicate things in life and we shouldn’t. There’s so much information out there that it’d be a shame if you let it go to waste.

Whatever you want to learn, I promise you it’s only a Google / YouTube Search away.

It’s Never Great, It’s Simply “Good Enough”

Another lesson I learned was a “lesson” I had already learned before, but this “incident” confirmed it for me.

Whatever you do, it’s never great. It’s simply good enough (for now).

Now, this is not meant to discourage you, but actually to motivate you a bit not to be too hard on yourself.

When I started making CENTS a day online, I thought I made it and that my website was “perfect”!

But that “perfect website” kept changing every few months and up to this day, I am still perfecting and tweaking at it every single day.

After 6 / 7 years, it’s still not great and I admit it’s only “good enough” (for now).

I am absolutely sure that when it’s time to redo the whole thing, I will find that the things I have in place today is shit compared to what I will be doing 6 / 12 months down the line.

Lesson #2:

Embrace the learning curve of this whole business. Whatever you do today, just hope for your sake that you will hate it in a few months and come up with something better.

That is a clear sign that you have learned a lot and can now produce a better product for better results!

With Just A Few Tweaks, You Can Improve Your Results

Now, after finishing most of my major to-dos of rebranding and optimizing my drop shipping business, I still have yet to cross that $4,000 a month mark which.

This month, March 2018, I managed to close the month at $1,500 in sales.

Nothing to be proud of when you compare it to November 2017, but compared to March 2017, I have more than doubled that.

In the Black Friday / Christmas Season of 2018, I’m, expecting to make $10,000 in one month.

Lesson #3:

Put in the effort, spend time learning and you can more than double your income every year.

Trust me; it really is not that hard to do.

I don’t want to sound too cheesy, but if I could do it, you can as well – I honestly did nothing out of this world to get this.

Let’s Recap (What Have We Learned):

  • Beginners can start earning while still being “a beginner“.
  • Whatever you want to do, somebody has spent time explaining how to do it in a blog post or a YouTube video.
  • Looking back and being horrified by the quality of your work 6 months from now is actually a great sign of progress.
  • With just a bit of effort, you can double your income every year (this is a luxury I do not see any other “job” offering).

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My Next Email…

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Thanks for tuning in, let me know if any of these lessons have inspired you to get you started on your side-hustle. This what I am hoping this email would do.

Talk soon

3 Lessons From Making $4,000 A Month Drop Shipping


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