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6 Reasons Why Your Post Disappeared From Google

It’s not the most pleasant experience, but unfortunately, it does happen quite often to web owners and bloggers that do not know any better.

Have you ever been tanked by Google or had a post that was performing well then (seemingly) out of nowhere you’re down to page 14? It sucks, doesn’t it? 

I know how you feel and today I’m going to be discussing some reasons why your post may have disappeared from Google.

I’ll also reveal to you ways you can deal with it and what to do next, so stick around and take some notes.

Also please note that when I say “Google” I really mean all the major search engines; (Google, Bing, Yahoo) Let’s dive in and see the possible reasons that may have made your post “disappear” from Google.

6 Reasons Why Your Post Disappeared From Google

You Post Is Just Not Satisfying

Google can calculate the bounce rate of the visitors they send to your site. If the visitors doesn’t stay on your site for long (a good average would be between 1 and 2 minutes), it means that your content is not appealing/helpful to the visitor.

Either way, Google sees that your blog post is not bringing any value and replaces you with a post that does. Not nice at all! 🙁

You can see how long visitors are staying on your site in your Google Analytics account.

Filled With Affiliate Links

Search engines also don’t like sites that are filled with affiliate links. If most of your blog posts are filled with affiliate links and blatant promotions, chances are you won’t get any significant rankings soon.

But of course you have to make money so what’s the solution?

Write a pillar post/article that has the affiliate links (typically a product review like this one). Then, in your posts when you’re referring to the product/service, instead of linking to the affiliate offer, link to the pillar article.

This will minimize the affiliate links on your posts + helps improve your bounce rate (which we’ve discussed above)

You’ve Changed The Keyword / Titles

I once sabotaged a high ranking, high earning site to the dungeons of Google simply for changing my post titles. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I really don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with this “genius” idea.

Actually, I do… I tried to make the titles more SEO friendly. Go figure!

Once a post is ranked and index. DO NOT change the titles of your post. Changing one may not hurt but I went through all the posts, all at once, and somehow it triggered a spam alert and my site sank faster than the Titanic!

This was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. I hope you don’t repeat what I did.

You Tried an “SEO trick”

In that case, you deserve it.

If you bought any backlinking software or hired an some “SEO specialist” from Bangladesh (no disrespect to Bangladesh) on Fiverr to help you get rankings, then you got what was coming to you.

Forget all the tricks and black-hat methods of SEO once and for all. All you need to know about SEO is this: Write great content.

If you write for the people, Google will eventually find you. Just focus on producing top quality work and you’re in.

It’s Done It’s Time (Your Post Is Old)

This is one I also had trouble understanding until one of my peers pointed it out to me. If your post is ranked in the first page, it’s not a guarantee that it will stay on there forever.

Your post does have an expiry date.

Now there are ways that you can lengthen its lifespan and that is by constantly getting comments, having people sharing it on their social networks, updating the content, etc..

Also, the competition that specific keyword has will play a factor in how long it stays in the SERPS.

No Apparent Reason

Search engines have been known to de-rank sites for “no apparent reason” other than a change in the algorithms. This might annoy you, and you’re right it is getting frustrated but you have to remember: Google doesn’t owe you anything.

You’re not paying to get ranked there (unless you have a PPC campaign) and unless Google feels you’re bringing value to its visitors than you’re out.

However, also note that this doesn’t mean you’re out for good either.

Your post may go back up in a few days/weeks. Search engines do these changes sometimes to test the results and the way they present rankings.

If you publish the best possible content and you do not try any SEO” black hat methods” than you’re on Google’s good side and as long as you keep it that way, don’t stress it too much.

What To Do (And Not Do) When You Lose Rankings

  • Calm down: This happens, it’s part of the business. It’s not sunny every day here in blog-land.
  • Don’t go changing meta tags and experimenting with your descriptions.
  • Don’t go checking stats every hour (it’s a total waste of time).
  • Keep writing consistent content, don’t get discouraged.
  • Share your content, it may lead to a boost in shares and comments.
  • Use this great guide by Backlinko to fully optimise future posts for great SEO.

Let me tell you my story…

My first blog didn’t make me money so I started the second one but the second one didn’t get any rankings.

At the time of writing this, the blog that didn’t make me money is a top earner and the blog that didn’t get any rankings is the highest ranked of all my blogs!

And that’s a true story! Again; go figure!

This shows you that nothing is permanent. Don’t go worrying yourself too much, this is just a part of doing business.

If you just follow the right training, work hard and keep striving for success. Eventually, you will start waking up to days like this and you do not have to worry about “SEO”.

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In Closing

Have you ever had a post tank? How did it feel and how did you react to it? Let me know below!

Thanks for checking out my blog today, I hope I brought you value for your time. Feel free to share this on your social media networks, it would really help me a great deal!

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Talk soon.

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