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This page is where I collect reviews of my free ebook and my free email newsletter. If you’re still haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, you can do so here.

Dear Subscribers, I Need Your Help

If you’re a subscriber of my newsletter, please consider leaving me a review in a comment below. You can be as sweet or harsh as you seem fit.

You’re not going to hurt my feelings I promise 🙂

Actually, anything you can say to help me improve my newsletter will be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Chris Lee…

61 thoughts on “Reviews Of My Email Newsletter”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Your emails and articles helped me in some way. It is very informative. And i really grateful for your interest in teaching people like me. I am getting news letters from some other guys also. But whenever i email some of them for clarification on some of my questions asked, they will not give me reply i needed, instead they want to sell something or teach me something else that is not really concerned to me. However, i feel no fault on them , they may be very busy and also they really need not to bother about my problem! Honestly, for a while, i am not in a position to purchase something from them with a huge price . I even struggle to start a website. But Chris, i don’t believe you are like them. You are very helpful. Your articles are excellent.

    I desperately looking to start a affiliate blog. While in the path of being a successful internet marketer, can i expect some more help from you Chris?

    Anyway, My best wishes for more success and enjoy.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I find your blog and articles are very helpful as well as informative.Much appreciation and millions of thanks.I intend to start my internet marketing,your blog gave me great guideline.Thanks.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Have briefly gone through your post, it looks good, however being a Corporate Professional for 28 years, I am aware of all these things except much on Blogging subject, however, it was Informative. Hopefully, I will be starting my blog by end of this year.

    My best wishes for more success, keep it up good work.



    Realtor in West Palm Beach, Florida

    • Thank you Marilyn. Please let me know how I can assist you. 🙂 Send me a private email if you wish. 🙂

  5. Hey Chris Its an honor to leave a review. You are the reason I joined Wealth Affiliate instead of John Chow which I had planned to join. I enjoyed his nononsense honesty, but I read your review of his blog and then you talked about WA and I said to myself WOW – here’s a guy that’s more honest than John Chow. So I joined WA and am very happy with all the freebies I get. Your review was quite accurate as all your blog posts are. There is something I don’t like about your blog posts though and that is the many links you have scattered throughout the articles. I would much rather you just mention the site or sites in your articles and then put all the links at the end of the article together in one place at the end where they don’t interfere with the reading of the article. Thanks again for all the advice and encouragement you continually provide. I enjoy having you look over my shoulder. You are like a trusted uncle always there to keep me going in right direction. Your friend – Bob

    • This is one of the best reviews I have ever received Robert and I am thankful for your kind words! 🙂 I would love to help you get started even more so be sure to get in touch with me soon. 🙂

  6. The easiest and clear learning thru your news from the phillippines.looking forward to start my own blog because of your kind dedication sharing.thank you.

  7. Hi Chris

    I find your articles quite insightful and useful in where I’m at as a new blogger. I appreciate the frequency, not too much, not too in your face with offers etc.
    Your pace is excellent, and I always stay on the blog a while to read through the other posts as well.
    So thumbs up from me…’s very helpful and informative for where I am in my blogging journey….


    • Happy to hear Nicki. Much appreciated. 🙂 The newsletter is getting a new look in 2017 so look out for that; it’s going to be great! 🙂

  8. Chris, you’re the truth man…I learn something new every time I visit your blog. Your site is easy to navigate and the post are super informative. You’re my new blog buddy and you don’t even know it lol…now you do! hehe…Keep up the great content and best of luck!

  9. Hey Chris, I have felt you as my personal friend from the day first. In my opinion, your blog is very helpful to every reader.

  10. Hey Chris,
    Your blog is very informative, though my niche is a little different than some of the things you mention, to my mind all information is important and thus I read it all. It’s nice to know that what I’m feeling and experiencing is what I should be feeling and experiencing as a new blogger. Your blog keeps my overachiever self in check. So thank you!
    The Complicated Traveler

    • Good to hear Wendy. I am super glad my post have helped you on your blogging journey! 🙂 I am humbled!

      Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and for leaving such a glowing review!

      Cheers 🙂


  11. Hi Chris, I thought you were starving for a comment, but when I went to leave my reply, there were so many, it took me a while to reach the end!

    You have been pretty helpful with your information, especially ‘A Blog On Blogging.’ I tell you this with lots of compliments, if I was not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, YOU WOULD HAVE MADE ME ONE!

    I am going to Like you now on your FaceBook Page.

    Cheers Chris

    • Hey Wendy. 🙂

      Yes I did get some reviews in (which I’m all very grateful for) and I appreciate you taking the time to leave me one also. Much appreciated 🙂

  12. Hi Chris,

    I Love it, It’s amazing, inspiring and eye opening. I have been able to learn a lot every time I log into your blog. Thank you so much for everything Chris.

    Moses Ogwal.

  13. Chris,
    Are you kidding? I am honored to leave a comment, sorry I haven’t done it sooner.
    I look forward to your newsletter every week and love, love, love your website.
    I’m new to this blogging adventure and your encouragement and being available to read and answer my emails full of questions has been instrumental in me still being here.
    The only suggestion I would have is you might need a second set of eyes to proofread your stuff for spelling and grammatical errors and I would love to help you with that.
    Rock on!

    • Working on these error mistakes haha! 🙂 Thank you very much for offering and for being a loyal reader / subscriber! 🙂

  14. Hi, Chris,

    I would Like to say that your Blog is awesome and very helpful. As a newbie in Blog; I am learning as much as I can. Even we had some chats in Email if you remember. You are very helpful. I like your Emails and I have bookmarked your Blog/Website too.

    Thank you Chris for helping me out. I would ask you question if I ever get in trouble. And Finally, you got the review and a Like on Facebook.


    Sandeep Sarkar

    • Thank YOU very much for the kind words Sandeep! 🙂 I look forward to seeing you become another success story with your blog 🙂 Let me know how I can help.

      Chris Lee

    • Awesome Connie. Glad to have you here. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Let me know how I can help you be sending me an email.

      Chris Lee

  15. Hi Chris,

    I came across your blog by chance. I joined WA through another affiliate, who occasionally posts on here.

    I am in the process of trying to set up my web site and your posts are very good – almost distracting with the ammount of info. I have to increase the post writing and stop just reading about it.

    I have recently given up my job due to the firm relocating and had been looking at blogging as a career change.

    keep the good info coming as i am sure it is difficult with very little feedback to know whether it is helping or not. shame there isn’t e-mail feedback to rate your posts.

    many thanks


    • Hello there Phill. Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I’m really glad you are enjoying my posts and I am also glad to hear that you’re doing well in Wealthy Affiliate. Send me a message in WA if you’re ever stuck or need some help.

      I’d love to help you.

  16. Hi Chris
    I will be honest haven’t had time to read all your emails/Newsletters yet but what I have read is very interesting and have taken some of your ideas on board. A novice still but we all have to start somewhere don’t we.
    I have created an account with WORDPRESS so taken a few small steps.
    Thanks for all your expertise.


    • Awesome! 🙂 Glad you are moving in the right direction Caroline! 🙂

      Let’s make it happen!!! 😀

  17. I love your emails about blogging. I love the fact that you are sharing what you know to those who may not be able to pay for the advice. I am in the planning stages still of my blog and your wisdom is definitely apart of the planning. I have no complaints or harsh words to say about your newsletter emails. Knowledge is power and you are preparing people to succeed. How great is that!

    • Thanks you very much for your kind, positive and honest comment Elle. I really love to hear that I am serving my readers well.

      Much appreciated.

  18. Chris, I’ve been with WA for several months, now. I do have your ebook and I’ll make time to read it this week. Your emails have been spot on with advice throughout my learning. You have been my go-to guy with WA, too. I trust your advice and you are always timely and professional with your responses. Just good business and mentoring.


    • Awesome 🙂 Glad you’ve enjoyed the book and super glad you’re enjoying WA. Feel free to reach out anytime if you need some help, I’m here for you 🙂

      Thank you for the glowing review.

      Chris Lee

  19. Hi, Chris–
    My blog is so new I haven’t even chosen a theme yet. I just yesterday signed up for WA after reading a post from you. I’m like a sponge these days, just trying to soak up all the how-to lessons on blogging that I can, and your site is at the top of my “great info” list! Thanks, and keep it coming!

    • Aw thank you Janne 🙂 I am glad you find my content helpful! Awesome to hear you are now part of the Wealthy Affiliate family and I look forward to seeing you on there.

      Just follow the training there and you will have a successful blog up and running in no time.

      All the best to you.

  20. Hi Chris!
    I’m grateful to have found your blog. As a total newbie to the world of blogging, you offer so much useful info! Thanks so much!

    • Thank you Becky. Your comment means a lot to me. Glad to see my work is helping you and others take action on your dreams.

      I thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting my spirits today 🙂

  21. Much appreciated. A great follow up to this would be what’s allowed in an email.I think newsletter is a good addition to other social media channels.
    Facebook, Twitter, company’s blog, newsletter

    • That is a very good point and I am going to start brainstorming about this topic. Thanks for the suggestion.


  22. Hey Chris. I find your blog extremely helpful as I learn the ropes of online marketing. I found WA through you and it has been quite a blessing in my marketing life. But I bookmarked your site because I find it extremely helpful, encouraging and insightful. This is also why I enjoy your newsletter. In addition, the newsletter gives me a friendly reminder to come over and check out your site. Your style and tone are out-of-this-world-customer-friendly oriented. Keep ’em coming! They really help. Kurt

    • Hey there Kurt! 🙂

      Thank you very much for your kind review. It’s comments like these that make me want to keep pushing and provide the best value I can offer.

      You’re doing great in Wealthy Affiliate Kurt. I’m glad to see you’re making progress.

      Talk soon buddy!

      All the best!

  23. Chris, I honestly enjoy your website. Your email newsletter is precise. Your posts are so easy to go through, very creative, and the titles always keep my attention. I wish I had all the time to go through all your posts everyday because I truly find something new anytime I read once. I learn a lot from A Blog From Blogging and really appreciate it. Wish you all the best in this occupation, you truly have it all to get the best of it.

    • So many kind words from you Andrea thank you very much. 🙂 I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving this comment.

      Talk soon and keep up the great work.

      Chris Lee

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