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The 4 Types Of Membership Inside Wealthy Affiliate

So you’re interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate? You’ve made the right choice (and I’ll tell you why in a minute).

I’ve tried and reviewed many other training programs that claim they can teach you how to start a blog business but none of them come close to matching the value I get from Wealthy Affiliate.

Read my in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate here!

Today’s post is going to show you the different types of membership you can have as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll go through what you get (and what don’t you get) with every level and also discuss the benefits of each one.

This might get a little complicated but don’t worry; way down at the bottom, I’m also going to tell you which membership type is perfect for you.

Ready to get started? Let’s go….

The 4 Types Of Membership Inside Wealthy Affiliate

The 4 Types Of Membership Inside Wealthy Affiliate

The FREE Membership – $0

You’re automatically enrolled in the free membership as soon as you join me and many others in Wealthy Affiliate.

As a free member, you don’t have access to all the training, but you will learn how to set up a blog and monetize it all for free. You even get 2 free websites that you can work on while you follow the entry level courses step by step.

You can remain a free member for as long as you wish but there will be some limitations, like limited communication and premium training and videos will also be locked.

This free membership is designed to show you what is available for you at WA. Of Course, if you’re serious about going into business online, you’re going to need want to update. That is where the next type of membership comes in.

1st Month Premium Offer – $19

In your first week of free membership, you’ll get offered the premium membership for a discounted price of $19 instead of the usual $47. This is designed to show you what you will be getting into if you fully commit yourself to the training.

All the levels of training would open up to you and you can chat with the other members without any restrictions. You can send messages, comments, and ask questions on the WA platform itself.

Unfortunately, you can’t stay forever on this level because this offer is just for the first month. After this first month, you can stay on as premium but for the full price.

As you will see in the next section, premium membership is totally worth the $47, but if you think that is a bit steep, I’ll also show you a way you can get it for just $29. Keep reading….

Premium Membership – $47

This membership is on a month-to-month basis and you’ll be continue getting total access to everywhere inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are just some of the benefits of being a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. See inside Wealthy Affiliate for more.

  • Unlimited Community Support

You can talk with anyone, chat at any time and even ask top ranking members for help. This is a big bonus and worth the money alone because any problem you might be facing, I can guarantee it will be solved.

There are a lot of members with a lot of experience that will be more than happy to help you out. Think of it as a “mastermind” group.

  • Unlimited Free Websites

WA also allows you to build free websites on their servers using the SiteRubix platform. As a free member you get 2 free ones but as a premium, you have unlimited free sites.

Yes, you can create as many sites as you wish, all at no extra charge. While this is a fantastic opportunity, I always suggest you do not start your business on a free blog.

Getting your own blog is always the best idea. It doesn’t cost much either; $10 and you’re in business.

  • Free Hosting

Hosting is a big expense for somebody just starting out. Basic hosting will cost you at least $12 a month, which is not a lot, but it is an extra expense you do not need.

As a premium member, WA will allow you to host your site on their servers for nothing. Not just for the free blogs provided with WA but also the ones you’ll buy yourself.

Just register a domain name and you’re good to go.

Again this feature is unlimited so you can host multiple sites on there. I currently have 5 so I’m saving at least $50 in hosting p/month!

  • Access to All The Training

As a premium member of WA, you’ll also be getting complete access to all the training.

That is the “Beginner Training Course” where you will learn how to build a site promoting any product you wish and also the “Affiliate Bootcamp” which shows you how to start your business promoting WA.

All the lessons in the “Affiliate Bootcamp” can also be applied to any niche. Apart from that, you also have access to the training created by leading members of the community.

  • Live Weekly WAbinars

That is not a typo LOL. We call webinars; WAbinars.

This is an hour or so long weekly webinar hosted by Jay from Affiliate Resources that will cover different topics each week related to starting your online business.

If you’re in Europe like me, the webinar is on at about 2am but don’t worry; you can watch the replay later whenever you wish. It’s always stored in the WA database under “Live Video Classes”.

  • Full Access To The Keyword Tool

We’ve talked about keyword research and you should know how important it is when it comes to getting ranked.

At WA, you have access to unlimited searches using the WA keyword tool (free members only get 30).

This will be super beneficial to you to help you follow the training and also in building out your blog’s content.

  • Training Classrooms

There are 12 classrooms inside WA and as a premium member, you have access to them all. Classrooms range from social media marketing, SEO, content writing, etc…

This is where you can go ask questions, see what people are talking about and also view training on the related subject.

  • Higher Earning For WA Affiliates

As a member of WA, you have the opportunity to promote WA itself and earn commissions from your referrals.

As a free member, you can also do this but as a premium member, you get 2x the amount. So if one of your referral goes premium; a free member will get a $11.25 while the premium member gets $22.50.

If you want to promote WA and the “make money online industry” you’re more than welcome but you’re not required to.

Before I continue on the next level of membership inside Wealthy Affiliate, I want you to see the image below to see how free vs premium compared to each other.

Comparison chart for membership types in Wealthy Affiliate

As you can see, WA works best when you’re a premium member.

I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on what’s available for premium members but from just the components I mentioned above, I guess you agree with me that WA is a good value for money.

Yearly Membership – $359

Speaking of money, let’s talk about the yearly premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you join WA for a year, you’re also going to be benefitting from a $205 discount!

See the premium monthly membership fee is $47 but a yearly premium membership fee is just $359. Which works out to about $29.92 per month; less than $1 a day!

Do you really want to start your own business? Do you want to create something out of nothing online? Do you want to drop your day job and build a business you’re proud of? If so, I think you would agree that investing less than a $1 a day is more than reasonable.

Something amazing also happens when people go yearly and it happened to me too. When you go yearly, you’re more likely to be successful.

Most people start seeing notable profits at the 6 to 12-month mark so when you commit yourself for a year, statistics show you’re likely going to succeed.

I think dishing out such a “huge” fee is a wake-up call that you might as well learn and work hard. It’s “use it or lose it” and as we say in WA; if you don’t make your $359 back in a year, you must be doing something wrong.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Simply put; Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of people that want to do business online. Here are some of the things you will learn with the training inside WA:

  • How to start/build a website (a must nowadays).
  • How to write great content.
  • How to get that content ranked in search engines.
  • How to promote a product.
  • How to create a marketing campaign.
  • How to do email marketing.
  • How to make a full-time income online.
  • And much, much more….

Which WA Membership Is Right For You?

Ok, so you’ve stuck with this far. I’m guessing you’re interested. Let me help you pick the membership that is right for you:

The Free Membership

This is for those that are interested but are not yet sure they want to get into this business. Some are just looking for ways to make extra money and are not interested in building a website and monetizing it. Fair enough. The blog business is not for everyone.

The 1st Month Premium Offer

After trying out the free membership, you liked what you saw and you want to take advantage of the offer available. This is great.

This is for the people that believe they can make their dream come true. Most people shy away from their dream because it requires work (too bad).

By taking this step, it’s a sign that you’re willing to invest in yourself and your business.

Premium Membership

This is for the action takers. This is for those that are willing to work.

You’ve now seen how WA can help you and you’ve decided to start your journey. I love meeting people just as they go premium and 4 months later they report their first sale or first commission. It’s such a great thing to witness.

Unfortunately, most people will come in with enthusiasm but “fade away” after a few weeks. If you’re going to go for the premium membership, then go into it willing to work hard. Don’t expect miracles to happen just because you spent money.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work, you do.

Before I continue, here is a short video from co-founder Kyle showing you around WA.


>Try Out Wealthy Affiliate For Free<

What Should You Be Doing Once You Join?

That is a great question! I’ve created this guide for my referrals which you can take a look at if you decide to join.

Wealthy Affiliate can be a pretty overwhelming place so having my guide to getting you started will definitely be a huge benefit.

Some More Articles About Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve talked about Wealthy Affiliate numerous times on aBlogOnBlogging.com and that’s only because I believe in this product so much.

I’ve been a member for over 4 years now and it has allowed me to quit my day job and launch a successful blog business.

Here are some articles where you can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate:

Also, take a look at how this 20-year-old blogger started making $10,000 a month with the training he got from Wealthy Affiliate.

Got Any Questions ?

I’ve created this post to let you know more about the different types of membership inside Wealthy Affiliate. If I was not clear about something or you’d like to know more about a certain area, just send me a message.

I’m mostly always online so you can catch me on my email, Twitter or on Skype (chris.lee.vella) and I’ll answer you back asap.

If you want to check out Wealthy Affiliate now, then let’s head over there and let me help show you around.

Thank you for reading this super long post! I hope you found it informative and helpful.

Please take a minute to subscribe to my email list while you’re here. I’d love for us to keep in touch.

I hope to see you soon…..

34 Comments The 4 Types Of Membership Inside Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Ron B

    Hi Chris,
    You mention being online 15 – 18 hours a day. Could you break that down for us a bit?
    Also, how much time is required for someone to run a business once it’s up and running?

    1. Chris Lee

      Hey there Ron. Sure here is the “tentative” schedule of how my days usually go. I don’t do one thing for a set of hours (but maybe I should) so I will just give you how much time I spend on different things that I do.

      3 hrs p/ day – Reading / Learning

      I read a lot of news, articles, how to tips and also am a fan of watching YouTube tutorials (I’m getting heavy into e-commerce lately so I am watching a lot of videos about that).

      4 hours per day: Writing

      With 7 websites and being a one man army, I have write a lot. This includes; writing emails for my newsletter, blog posts, product descriptions, etc.. (this time also includes proof reading, uploading to WordPress, finding images, scheduling etc).

      2 Hours: FB Ads

      As I said, I am getting into ecommerce a lot and that is mostly run through FB Ads so I spend a lot of my time optimizing my ads, seeing what is working, trying new things, etc.

      2 Hours: Market Research

      I am always looking for the next hot products so I spend a fair amount if time trying to find items and niches and doing the research to see if they will be a viable niche to go into. (I don’t do this everyday, but 4 to 5 times a week).

      1 Hour: Catching Up

      I also do a lot of outreach emails so it’s time consuming to find people to connect to, email them, replying (and remembering what was said to who).

      3 Hours: Accounting?

      I also spend a lot of time balancing my books since I have yet to hire an accountant to do it for me. This is not done daily but I try to jump in and update my Excel sheets as often as I can. This allows me to see how well things are going. It’s great to make $400 a day, but if I spent $389 to get those $400, I need to see to it asap.

      Rest: Wasting Time

      As I said, I should start batching my processes together and having a specific set schedule as I do tend to waste time here and there and I sometimes get easily side-tracked. I do spend a lot of time online, but some of it is not productive and I just waste it away browsing things lol.

      Hope this was a good answer for you. Thanks for a great question. 🙂 It was fun writing this answer lol.


  2. Josh

    Hey Chris, I have signed up and I am using it now. Someone told me that the benefits of using WA was that there are no additional costs apart from the join up fee compared to other programs. However, would we not have to pay for the advertising to be high on the search engines?



    1. Chris Lee

      Yes, there is that option to do Paid Ads to rank in Google but you can also rank there organically (for free) with your site’s content.

      That is what Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do. 🙂

  3. Fleur

    Dear Chris, this is a great and detailed outline of the WA membership options. Really helpful and I’m a member! I googled it and your article came up, thanks a bunch!

  4. Nitin

    Thx for this information.. I hav a question..Can I use AdSense on the website which I created in WA instead of promoting product?

    1. Chris Lee

      I do not know what you mean. WA is not a pyramid type platform,. You will be creating a business in your own industry and keeping 100% of the profits.

  5. bright

    Hello am a member of wealthy affiliate just registered newly…though

    But I wana ask those WordPress themes or rather website theme in the wealthy affliate, are they free or are you gona also pay for them..

    1. Chris Lee

      The WP themes are all free but you can buy premium themes and install them on your free Wealthy Affiliates sites if you wish to do so.

  6. edmond

    hello, you did a great review.. I saw on the wealthy affiliate website that as a premium member, you are limited to 50 websites.. but on many reviews i see unlimited number of websites.. which is correct.

    1. Chris Lee

      The exact number is 25 free sites + 25 more sites with free hosting which brings it up to 50 sites. We say “unlimited” because really nobody needs 50 websites lol.

      Hope this helps brother.

      Chris Lee

  7. Pranav Bhati

    Hey Chris! Thanks for this amazing post. I have a few questions and would love if you could answer them.

    1) I am planning to opt for the monthly premium membership (First month $ 19 then consecutive S47 months) as saving up for the yearly membership would take much time and I don’t want to waste any; but I wanted to know what is the exact method of monthly deduction – do they automatically charge $47 from my card each month (on the first) or I have to pay it myself (on any date I prefer)?

    2) How long did it take YOU to make the first sale, and how long until you turned into a full-time online entrepreneur (if you did)?

    3) How many hours did you spend on wealthy affiliate (per day) before your site turned profitable?

    3) I’m kind of an introvert and I guess would find it difficult to ask people directly (online or offline) about some product that I’m promoting and ask them to look into it or buy it. Would that be an impediment in my affiliate journey?

    Thanks again! 😀

    1. CLV

      Hey, Pranav. Glad you enjoyed this post. Here are my answers to your questions:

      1) You will automatically be billed every month but it will be done on the exact same day you signed up. For instance, if you go premium on the 15th of May, you will be charged on every 15th of the month (till you stay a member of course).

      2) I started my first business online as a freelancer on Fiverr (you can read about that here) but then moved to affiliate marketing. It did take me a while to make money as an affiliate but that’s because I wasn;t using the lessons learned in WA. I got my first sale about 4 months after I started fresh with WA and applied the lessons there to my business.

      3) I spend a lot of time online (around 15-18 hours a day) because I now do this full-time thanks to WA. However, as a starter, I do recommend you do at least 1 to 2 hours per day. The courses are laid out on a day-to-day, step-by-step process so once you do that task you’re done for the day and it only usually takes about 1n hour or so to complete (obviously you can go faster or slower if you wish).

      4) Don;t worry. I’m an introvert as well. That pic of me you see in the sidebar took me four years to put on as I was shy but I finally got the guts to do it now. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to get traffic to your website then promote a product to that audience. You don’t have any face-to-face selling to do if you don’t feel comfortable with it yet.

      I hope this answered your questions Pranav. Get started for free with WA here and drop me a comment on my profile page so we can talk further once you join.

      See you in there.

      Chris Lee

  8. Julian

    Hey Chris,
    Great info. WA’s memberships are fair. Especially the yearly. At less than $1 a day, it’s hard to pass off a great deal like that. 😀
    Cheers, man.

    1. CLV

      The unlimited free hosting I have on my membership is enough to cover the $1 expense 🙂 I love WA. It saves me money while it teaches me how to make more. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by mate 😉

    1. CLV

      Thank you Mark. I’m glad you like the pop up and you don’t find it annoying.

      I’ve been testing having a pop up on my site and so far the results have been great 🙂

      All the best

  9. Sarah

    As a fellow WA member, I love the specials that occur periodically to get your membership even cheaper, like during black Friday sales. Those are what I’ve definitely taken advantage of too.

    1. CLV

      Yea Black Friday sales are awesome. I got my yearly subscription on a Black Friday sale and the price I pay now yearly will forever be the special price I paid on Black Friday!

      Great savings and great value for money.

  10. Tich


    The benefits of blogging and building a business while doing so, is well articulated. A reader can easily follow along and your information actually helps one to make and informed decision.

    I have been lucky to have found Wealthy Affiliate and I am finding it easier to learn and build a business as I implement the things I’m taught. I did not have any experience coming in but now I am slowly becoming an expert and my blog is taking root.

    Thanks for sharing.



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