Caught In The Beautiful Blogging Web?

We’re calling it this, because we do believe that the blogging world can be a bit of a web. It has so many different parts to it that you can fall in to, even without realising.

Does this mean it’s a bad thing?

No, it doesn’t! A blogging web is just beautiful.

All of these different parts to it can lead to great things, both for you and for your finances. To some, it can get a little stressful if they get tangled up in it too much when they didn’t intend to.

If you’re new to blogging, then we would definitely say that this could happen to you. As many blogs as there might be out there, it’s still pretty easy to grow your blog quicker than you would imagine.

If you’re not new to blogging and you feel as though you’re caught in the beautiful web that it can spin, then have a read on and see how you can manage it better!

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It’s Time To Get Organised

So, the first thing you might be a bit bad at is keeping to your organisation.

If you’re at the point where you have companies coming to you asking you for collaborations, it’s definitely time to get organised.

Think of it as a mini business, and you’ll start to realise what is needed.

One thing you might like to look at is identity verification within your reach.

You will be passing documents to and from different collaborations, and as funny as it sounds, people could be out to steal your post ideas.

If you accidently send it to the wrong person, who is to say that they won’t copy your work. Identity verification of the documents you send will mean only the right people can access what you need them to access.

Seems a bit strict doesn’t it, but bloggers can earn so much money from the posts they do, and you could be one of them!

You should also think about getting your own bullet journal. You can make it all funky and creative, and even blog about it.

But it allows you to get your thoughts down, and to give you some structure to your day. When you’re planning a few different posts at a time, it can definitely help!

Get Your Money’s Worth

So, we’ve talked about how if you are in this blogging web, that you might be getting to the point where you’re making a fair bit of money.

With this, you’ll soon come to realise a lot of company’s will try and pay you far less than they would pay another blogger. So, try and set yourself a price that you would like to be paid per post.

Yes, you can do this. Some companies will offer you a nice enough deal that you can take. Some will offer free products to review that are far more expensive than your charge to write a post, so always take that deal.

But don’t get too big for your boots. Stick to a fair price, and build a reputation, and you’ll often find that it is so much easier to get more collaborations.

Think Bigger

How can this web possibly get any bigger? Well, it can. You won’t believe the opportunities some bloggers have, just because they know how to manage a blog well.

We’re talking about going to paid conferences, becoming ambassadors for brands, and working with celebrities that you may have only dreamed of coming close to.

If you were to venture in to the blogging/vlogging world as well, the potential for you will only get higher!

Have a forward thinking plan kind of mindset for your blog, and you’ll always be able to watch it grow.

Keeping Those Beautiful Followers

Now we want to talk about the people who will get you to where you want to go, your followers.

There will be some people who have been avidly following you from the start, and you’ll most likely gain new followers each week!

Our advice would be to remain true to the followers you have. Always interact with them, and always keep them at the forefront of your mind when it comes to writing your posts.

The blogging web can definitely steer you away from what mattered the most in the beginning for you!

For the most of you, that would be to blog about things that interest you, and to try and build a nice little following.

Oh how times can change if you’re not careful!

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