How You Can Improve Your Business Website Now

Your business website is one the most important tools in your marketing arsenal, it is your shop window. It is how your customers view your business, gather information about it and more than likely how you make your money.

Having a high-performing, user-friendly website that meets the needs of your customers is essential for the growth and profitability of your website.

With that in mind you need to ask yourself, is your website performing as it should be? If the answer is no or you think there is room for improvement then here are some ways in which you can improve your website, now. 

how to improve your business website

Change hosting provider

A good hosting provider should be able to offer you a good website speed, sufficient website storage and bandwidth, top-notch website security, back-ups and on hand technical support as and when you need it.

If you do not benefit from all of these (and more) then your website hosting package could be harming your website.

Migrating to a new website provider can be a quick and easy thing to do, in fact most providers will take over the migration for you. For more information on the hosting services available and the migration process visit Nestify to find out more. 

Optimize your site speed

The world is now very much instantaneous and as such website users expect quick and efficient access to your website. Slow loading pages interrupts user experience and frustrates users to the point that they will leave your website.

In practice this means, if your web pages are taking a long time to load, and by a long time it is meant as little as 3 seconds, you could be losing visitors and your bounce rate will increase.

What is more, a slow loading speed will affect your domain authority and in turn it could have a negative effect on your search engine results.

If you are happy with your hosting provider and the package they offer is suitable for your website content and traffic numbers then there could be other reasons for your slow loading webpages.

You can use online resources to gather more information on your page speed and to potentially uncover reasons for the slow speed.

Other steps you can take to speed up your website include compressing the images you are using as oversized images are one of the main culprits when it comes to slow loading websites.

Again, there are online tools or plug-in you can use to compress your images to a size that your website can tolerate and that will not dramatically reduce the loading time of a web page. 

Make it easy to use

Websites can be very sophisticated and do quite incredible things. That said if you don’t need your website to be all singing and dancing to get your message out there then keep it simple and easy to use.

To ensure your website is user friendly it needs to be mobile responsive and easy to navigate. If people want to find contact details and addresses it should be easy to do.

If users want to shop on your website make it a seamless and straightforward process. Users will be put off by hurdles and stumbling blocks so make it as simple and easy to navigate as possible.