Why A Blog Will Help Any Business

Blogging has long been seen as a past-time, an outlet, or something for creative people to use to satisfy that creative itch.

However, as blogging has expanded exponentially more and more business owners have cottoned on to the fact that blogging can have a real transformative effect on the success and profitability of their business.

To prove the point and convince you of the merits of a blog for your business here are some of the best ways a blog can help any business. 

how a blog can help any business

Showcase your expertise

A blog is a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge, experience, and expertise in your business, industry, or niche.

You can use your blog to build your credibility and the credibility you have among your peers, audience, and customers.

By writing and sharing relevant information that will be useful to your readers, you will start to be viewed as an industry expert or thought leader. This will have an enormous effect on the credibility and success of your business operations. 

For example; Armand Candea, property developer and CEO of Candea developments capitalizes on this by sharing informative articles on the property and housing market, allowing him to showcase his knowledge, and credentials and in turn raise awareness of his business operations. 

Generate website traffic

A blog can be an excellent way to attract traffic to your website. You can do this by creating articles and blog posts relevant to your audience and customers.

Spend time researching questions they most want to be answered or providing them with information or knowledge they seek.

Once you have identified the content relevant to your audience you will need to conduct keyword research to ensure that your blog content will be optimized for SEO and that it stands a chance of appearing in search engine results.

This part of the process can become technical and time-consuming so if you do not feel you have the relevant skill set then consider outsourcing SEO content to the experts. 

For example; Travel companies selling holidays often create content-based ‘destination guides’ or ‘travel tips’ that they know their readers will benefit from.

A reader may Google a search term such as ‘the best places to eat in Soho’ and a well-written, SEO-friendly, and relevant article written by said travel company should be returned by Google.

The reader then clicks on the article, which is part of the travel company’s website, ergo the travel company’s website has gained more traffic, more awareness, and more potential for lead generation. 

Increase sales

As your blog attracts more traction and more readers you will naturally be attracting more potential customers and in turn, you should see an improvement in your profits.

Your blog can be used to promote your items but to also address the needs and questions your customers may have about your brand, making them more likely to shop with you,

For example; A fashion retailer may use a blog to example some of the latest style trends or must-have items.

A well-produced article showcasing the latest fashion that easily links to the shopping facilities on their website will see sales increase and ultimately profits up.

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