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Is Affiliate Marketing Still A Scam?

Building Your Online Business

Anytime I mention that I do affiliate marketing for a living, first I need to explain what it means, then I am often met with a weird look which I can’t yet give a name to but is meant to say “isn’t that some sort of scam?” I am sure that even though affiliate marketing […]

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15 Top Landing Page Themes For WordPress

15 Top Landing Page Themes for WordPress

Whether it is the promotion of a business or making a profile, people are creating attractive websites now and then. It is becoming more difficult to impress the website visitors with attractive web design. Considering the challenge, you need to select great looking landing page for your WordPress website. It is hard to find a […]

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7 Tips For Bloggers Who Battle With Procrastination

You know what you should do. You just can’t seem to do it. You’re either a person who struggles with procrastination, or you’ve got classic writer’s block. I struggle with both. In fact, I’m probably one of the least disciplined writers in the world. Battling with procrastination is hard. People think writing takes little effort. […]

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BigCommerce Review: 9 Pros & Cons To Know About

bigcommerce review

I think I know why you’re here. You’re looking for a way to build your eCommerce store. Right? You’ve probably heard about BigCommerce too; it’s a web building tool specifically designed for building eCommerce sites. The purpose of an eCommerce site is to sell goods quickly and effectively. The question is, can BigCommerce do this? I’ve […]

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How To Create Lead Generation Forms That Convert

Typeform Leads

One of my biggest hurdle in my blogging was, and in some cases still is, to get people who are interested in my content interested in joining my newsletter tribe thus having them become “a lifelong reader”. Yes, in this post we are talking about email marketing and how to get leads, but more importantly, we will […]

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