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6 Don’ts and 4 Must Do’s of SEO for Bloggers

bloggers seo

Mistakes. We’re allowed to make them every now and then. We’re even expected to make occasional mistakes as part of the learning process. On the other hand, there are mistakes that are well-worth avoiding. For example, the consequences of not following SEO tactics can have reverberating effects that could harm your blog or website in a […]

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15 Top Landing Page Themes For WordPress

15 Top Landing Page Themes for WordPress

Whether it is the promotion of a business or making a profile, people are creating attractive websites now and then. It is becoming more difficult to impress the website visitors with attractive web design. Considering the challenge, you need to select great looking landing page for your WordPress website. It is hard to find a […]

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BigCommerce Review: 9 Pros & Cons To Know About

bigcommerce review

I think I know why you’re here. You’re looking for a way to build your eCommerce store. Right? You’ve probably heard about BigCommerce too; it’s a web building tool specifically designed for building eCommerce sites. The purpose of an eCommerce site is to sell goods quickly and effectively. The question is, can BigCommerce do this? I’ve […]

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