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How To Write A Great Blog Post, Every Time

Blog posts, or more appropriately; “content” is what drives online business. Without producing content (written words, photos, videos, slides, etc), you chances of being noticed are nonexistent. Some might argue that writing a blog post is easy. It means you just have to write, but they’d be wrong. In my experience of creating content, there […]

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How to Build Trust With Your Audience With The 3 C’s

Let’s face it, trust is hard to create. I bet we both could name several (if not hundreds) times when someone betrayed our trust. So it’s easy to see why everyone is so reluctant to trust people, right? No one wants to get burned….so people are super defensive with their trust. Can you blame ‘em? […]

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How To Build An Email List From Scratch

Building an email list for your blog is something that you might not consider when first starting out, but the more you get into (and learn) this “business”, the more you’re going to hear this phrase: “Start an email list” “The money is in the list” “You need to have a list to make money.” […]

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