20 Incredible Blogs You Need to Start Following

There are a lot of blogs out there with information and content that is supposed to help you become a better blogger.

Some of it is great. Some of it isn’t. But a lot of it is just plain garbage.

Yeah, it sucks. Big time.

Those crappy blogs with false, outdated information are one of the reasons why 90% of new bloggers fail.

Wouldn’t you just love to have a list of blogs that post solid content for their readers?

Well, you’re in luck…

In this post, I will show you 20 blogs that will turn you into a blogging pro.

Let’s get started.

Note: There are way more than 20 top-notch blogs out there that provide high-quality content.

20 Blogs You Should Start Following

As stated above, these aren’t the only blogs that provide quality, unique, useful content.

So, without further ado…


Owner: Brian Dean

Industry: SEO

Top Topics: SEO, Link Building, Content Marketing, Case Studies

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko. And he’s taken the brand to a level where it’s seen as a leader in the SEO space.

So how will he help you become a better blogger?

If you follow the advice he gives on Backlinko and take action, you can build quality links, get good search rankings, and loads of free traffic.

Tip: Sign up for Backlinko’s free newsletter for even more SEO tips and techniques.

Recommended reading:

Blog Tyrant

Owner: Ramsay Taplin

Industry: Blogging

Top Topics: Blogging, Content, Email

Ramsay’s blog is one of my all time favorites.

He helps people start a new blog and grow it into something great. A must-follow for newbie bloggers.

Note: There’s also a lot of helpful and useful content here for bloggers who want to take things to the next level.

Recommended reading:


Owner: Zac Johnson

Industry: Blogging

Top Topics: Blogging, Web Hosting Reviews

Zac’s blog teaches people the whole process of starting a brand new blog and taking it to a level where they’ll be able to call it full-time.

He also reviews web hosting services, offers coupons, and more.

Recommended reading:

Blogging Wizard

Owner: Adam Connell

Industry: Blogging

Top Topics: Blogging, Content, Email, WordPress, Reviews

Adam’s Blogging Wizard is a top blog in the industry. It’s been featured in some of the biggest sites in the world. Including The Huffington Post and Search Engine Journal.

Recommended reading:

Boost Blog Traffic

Owner: Jon Morrow

Industry: Blogging

Top Topics: Blogging, Beginners, Content, Email, SEO, Traffic

Jon Morrow’s BBT is one of the most popular blogs in the blogging and online marketing industries.

You can learn a lot just from their blog posts. They cover everything you need to know to drive traffic, create content, build a list, build relationships with bloggers/influencers, guest blog, and much more.

Recommended reading:

Buffer Blog

Owner(s): Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich

Industry: Social

Top Topics: Content, Social

Buffer’s blog is one of best in the social media marketing space.

They have a solid team of writers who pump out useful content several times per week.

Recommended reading:

Co Schedule Blog

Owner(s): Garrett Moon and Justin Walsh

Industry: Content Marketing

Top Topics: Content, Email, Social

CoSchedule’s content marketing blog is definitely a must-follow. You’ll learn how to properly create quality content, become a better writer, and so much more.

They also cover topics like building a social media strategy, growing your email list, and driving traffic.

Recommended reading:

Content Marketing Institute

Owner: Joe Pulizzi

Industry: Content Marketing

Top Topics: Content, Email, SEO, Social Media

Content Marketing Institute is one of the biggest sites in the whole internet marketing industry.

They have their own live events, offer consulting, and even a magazine.

The CMI blog is also pretty damn good. Their team of pro writers and guest authors post quality content every day.

Recommended reading:

Copy Blogger

Owner: Brian Clark

Industry: Copywriter and Content Marketing

Top Topics: Content, Email, Social Media, Writing

Copy Blogger will definitely make you a better blogger, content creator, and writer.

Recommended reading:

Crazy Egg’s Blog

Owner(s): Hiten Shah and Neil Patel

Industry: Conversion Rate Optimization

Top Topics: A/B Testing, Content, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email, User Experience

Crazy Egg calls their blog The Daily Egg. And The Daily Egg has a lot of writers, including co-founder Neil Patel.

Here, you’ll be able to learn how to convert more of your visitors into customers and subscribers.

Definitely, a blog to visit once you’ve got your blog going.

Recommended reading:

Digital Marketer

Owner: Ryan Deiss

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Topics: A/B Testing, Content, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email, Social, SEO, Traffic

Digital Marketer is one of my favorite sites to go to learn and read about new stuff. Particularly about paid traffic, boosting conversions and increasing blog engagement.

Their blog, who has a great team of pro writers, has a lot of juicy content. So you better put this on your bookmarks tab.

Recommended reading:

Goins, Writer

Owner: Jeff Goins

Industry: Blogging and Writing

Top Topics: Blogging, Content, Social, Writing

Jeff Goins, one of my favorite writers and bloggers, has a pretty sick blog. So be sure to check it out.

Enough said.

Recommended reading:

HubSpot’s Marketing Blog

Owner(s): Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Topics: Blogging, Content, Email, Traffic, SEO, Social Media

HubSpot’s marketing blog is one of the most popular in the industry.

They have several professional writers and bloggers that blog every day. Also, they attract/invite a lot of pro bloggers for guest posts. So it’s a great place to improve your blogging and marketing skills.

Recommended reading:


Owner: Jeff Bullas

Industry: Blogging and Social Media Marketing

Top Topics: Blogging, Content, SEO, Social

Mr. Jeff Bullas is one of the best in the biz when it comes to blogging and social media marketing.

Check out his blog for tips, tricks, and a lot of other cool resources.

Recommended reading:


Owner: Matthew Woodward

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Topics: Content, Email, Traffic, SEO, Reviews

The Matthew Woodward blog is and will always be in my top 5 list of favorites.

Matthew and his guest bloggers share a lot of their traffic and list building strategies. They also share actionable link building and SEO techniques, which is always awesome.

Recommended reading:

Moz Blog

Owner: Rand Fishkin

Industry: SEO

Top Topics: Content, Conversions, PPC, SEO, Social

The Moz Blog is one of the best places to learn both basic and advanced SEO. Perhaps even the best.

And SEO is very important. So.

Recommended reading:

Pro Blogger

Owner: Darren Rowse

Industry: Blogging

Top Topics: Blogging, Content, Email, Writing

Darren started Pro Blogger over a decade ago and turned it into one of greatest sites on the internet.

Their blog attracts a lot of top bloggers to guest blog, so there’s a lot to learn here.

Recommended reading:

Quicksprout + NeilPatel.com

Owner: Neil Patel

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Topics: Blogging, Content, Email, Traffic, Social, SEO

Neil Patel is the man when it comes to growing a business online. He’s an internet marketing and blogging master.

And, he’s kind of a big deal. 😉

Recommended reading:

Smart Passive Income

Owner: Pat Flynn

Industry: Blogging and Online Marketing

Top Topics: Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Email, SEO

Pat Flynn is one of the biggest names in all of blogging and marketing.

He earns, on average, $100,000+ per month (shares monthly income reports on his blog).

If you’re wondering which blog to check out first, visit Smart Passive Income.

Recommended reading:

Social Triggers

Owner: Derek Halpern

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Topics: Blogging, Email, Content, Social, SEO,

Here’s another top blogger. According to his blog, he’s got 300 thousand email subscribers.

That’s freakin’ huge!

Most bloggers won’t ever get a list that big.

So check out his blog to learn some of the strategies he uses.

Recommended reading:


Blogging is a great way to build a loyal following (and eventually make money).

And with the list of 20 blogs above, you’ll have everything you need to start a blog, grow your brand, and build an audience, and earn money.

If you have any questions about blogging, leave it in the comments below.


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