4 Reasons To Take Up Fly Fishing

What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a little different from traditional types of fishing because the bait (the fly) is very lightweight. You cannot propel the cast using the fly because it’s too light to do so.

The fly is intended to be mistaken for a small fish or an insect.

To cast the fly lure, you use a heavy line to swing the fly upon the water. The fly is generally made from synthetics, feathers and a thin hook and it can either sink or swim to hook the fish.

Perhaps you’re looking for a new hobby to take up in the New Year? If so, there are plenty of great reasons to make fly fishing that hobby! 


1. Give yourself a workout

When you imagine someone fly fishing, you likely picture them in some kind of drift boat, and yes, this is generally how it’s done. However, if you’re a little adventurous and like a challenge, you can also simply wade into the water.

You’ll be getting a great workout from tackling the river and from continuously moving your arm as you cast the rod. Many people don’t associate fishing with a workout, yet fly fishing really can be if you put in the effort to make it so! 

2. Gain new knowledge 

When you take up fishing, you aren’t just engaging in a physical activity, but you’re learning plenty of interesting facts about fish and the natural world. You have to get to know each river, type of bug, type of fish and technique.

When you’re fly fishing, you’ll learn about watching the fly line. You should keep the tip of the rod down, ensuring that it’s only just above the water surface.

Watch the line closely; the line may move outwards if a fish has gently tried to take the fly.

Lifting the rod now may result in hooking the fish. There are so many fly fishing tips and tricks to learn, you’ll find yourself with lots of new knowledge in no time.

3. It’s relaxing 

Hobbies that bring us closer to the natural world have a certain therapeutic quality about them. When you spend time on the waters, especially, you’ll feel calm and tranquil.

Many hobbies are fun and exciting, but not so many are relaxing. Often, we need a way to truly unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the technological world.

Who knows, 2020 could be the year you purchase women’s fly fishing caps and take to the waters! You could ask a friend or two to start fishing with you and make a little social.

4. To travel 

Lastly, fly fishing can be practiced just about anywhere in the world; if you’re into travelling, it’s a great sport to take with you.

From New Zealand to Australia or Canada; who knows where this hobby might take you. It’s the perfect excuse to see some truly beautiful parts of the world.

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