5 Brilliant Ideas to Being Taken Seriously at Work

Three years ago, a 20-year-old lady was promoted to CEO in a huge real estate firm while in her fourth year in university.

Saying that people were unhappy would be an understatement. There were more qualified and older people in the company who were simply overlooked.

The difference between a promotion and staying in the same position for a decade is dependent on how seriously your colleagues and superiors take you.

So, what did this 20-year-old lady do to make her bosses take here serious enough to give her the CEO position?

taken seriously at work

Dress well

How you dress to the office speaks volumes about you. Do you pay attention to details? Do you value yourself? Are you serious about life?

Dressing well doesn’t mean buying designer clothes that cost an arm and a leg.

But wearing well-fitting clothes that are well-coordinated and well pressed says you pay attention. Women can get away with very simple suits or dresses if they accessorize them with the right shoes, bag and a scarf.

For men, all you need are five neutral neckties and some lapel pins or pocket squares for your suits. As long as you are well put together and carry yourself with confidence, everything else will flow.

Be informed

Your area of expertise is not the issue. You have to know more than others and be humble about it.

The managers will appreciate that you are informed and you are bringing something to the table.

What they want is value addition and someone who takes the initiative to save more money, increase sales, simplify processes and improve marketing. Watch business news, read papers, do your research and follow trailblazers in your industry.

Carry yourself with dignity

If you are that guy who spends their break time gossiping about the boss with colleagues, that promotion is never coming.

You have to act like a boss even if you are not one yet. That means focusing on your work, socialize with others appropriately, and keeping off office drama.

Have integrity

Can the company trust you never to disclose information to outside parties? Can they trust you with a lot of money?

Are you dependable to your colleagues and seniors? Integrity is very broad, but it boils down to being trustworthy and someone they can always count on.

Be confident

Just like integrity, confidence is also very vague and broad, but you can’t hide it. It begins with the way you walk, talk and associate with others. A leader speaks calmly and effectively without raising their voice.

You can also walk with your posture straight and shake hands firmly while maintaining eye contact. You confidently give a presentation like a boss and make everybody listen because you are informed and keen with details.

Being respected at work is crucial if you want to be taken seriously and even be promoted. That means you cannot behave like everybody else or spend your free time doing embarrassing things.

What you need to note is that people are watching you – always.

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