7 Handy Cleaning Tips to Make Every Corner of Your House Clean

With all the busy schedules and commitments, cleaning the house is maybe placing last of all of our priorities today.

We have work, family, friends, and other things we see as essential to spend time.

However, when you start seeing your house and realize everything that is happening with all of your things, it can be very chaotic.

Looking at every mess and clutter in your house can be a bit overwhelming, and it can give you a confused feeling on how you should clean your house.

There can be dirty dishes, a pile of laundry on the floor, a lot of dust in the ceiling, messy desks, misplaced books, and so on. Where should you start? How will I clean it?

If you are experiencing the same problem, here are seven various handy cleaning tips that can guide you in cleaning every part of your house.

Tip #1: Make The Bed

o start everything, you can focus first on the thing that gives you rest after a very tiring day, your bed.

The whole bed inside a bedroom is seen as the centre of attention of the room. If you leave it messy and chaotic, the entire place looks like cluttered and crowded. So, you need to fix and clean first your bed before anything else.

The habit of making your bed after waking up in the morning. Fold the comforter and fix your pillows after using.

Look over the things beside the bed, are there any things that should not be there?

Ensure also that your stuff below the bed is also organized. A clean and neat bed will make the whole room very clean.

Tip #2: Clean Ceilings and Walls from Top to Bottom

You should keep an eye to your ceiling and walls all over the house. Ensure that there are no cobwebs and dust in the door and corners of the wall.

You can clean this by cleaning all ceilings and walls in each room so that you can work strategically.

Also, focus on one part only, work from top to bottom.

Cobwebs are easy to get your attention. Use a Webster web remover to do the work for you.

However, it is more effective if you put a cloth on top of it since cloth can clear cobwebs better than a bare Webster.

After that, focus on the dust that is seen at the walls and bottom of it — mostly seen at the corners of walls where different bags of dirt are forming in there.

Clean it thoroughly until all dust is gone.

Tip #3: Dust Your House

The ceilings and walls are not the only ones that have dust after a long time of not cleaning your house, but all other parts of your home.

Dust each room of your home. Focus on all the topsides of your furniture and appliances, such as shelves, handrails, television, frames, and more.

After doing the topsides, work from top to bottom. Dust your doors by using cloth with water. Focus also on the corners of the doors.

Clean your windows next also using cloth and wipe it. After that, remove all decorative items and start dusting the tabletops and countertops.

Then dust the decorative items using a fiber duster or a cloth. End the whole process by cleaning your floor using a mop or vacuum.

All of the dust that came from the furniture will be on the floor, so it is essential to finish dusting by cleaning your floor.

Tip #4: Swipe Countertop and Surface

As we said earlier, you need to dust your surfaces. However, it does not end there. You need to keep it clean and get rid of all sticky fingerprints in all counters and tabletops.

You can do this on a regular basis. For instance, after eating dinner, you need always to wipe your table. After brushing your teeth in front of a mirror, wipe down the mirror after.

You can do this on a routine basis by wiping it every day after using. You can also clean all of those in your general cleaning time.

However, a daily wipe in those areas can avoid creating a lot of clutter in your house.

As per MaidSailors, a Regular Cleaning Service NY, people with tidy homes need to create a cleaning schedule and regular routines, so that their chores don’t pile up.

Tip #5: Focus Sink and Toilet

Let’s go to the bathroom! You have your sink and toilets in your bathroom. You might even have a bathtub in there. Most likely, if not cleaned regularly, it may have dirt and stains.

Cleaning your sink can be done with only a few things needed. First of all, fill your sink with hot water to loosen the dirt.

After that, you can pour any cleaning agent you would want to use. Scrub your basin after pouring. If there’s an odor, you may use some baking soda while scrubbing. Finally, rinse out the whole sink and wipe it down using a cloth.

For your toilet, flush first your toilet to make the inside wet. Apply a toilet cleaner on the edges of the bowl.

Start scrubbing from there and remember to put on your cleaning gloves. Flush the toilet after cleansing, and repeat those steps for two or three more times.

Tip #6: Clean Mirrors and Glass

If you want a streak-free mirror and glass, start with having a cloth, rubbing alcohol, cotton pad, and glass cleaner.

Start with putting alcohol to a cotton pad, clean all the globs, which can be toothpaste, dirt, or other build ups in the glass. After, place a generous amount of glass cleaner.

Use a cloth and wipe the glass from the top, left to right, towards the bottom. After cleaning, you are done with a streak-free glass and mirrors in your house.

Tip #7: Refresh the Floors

When cleaning your floor, you need to first move all of the furniture, such as sofas and meds.

From there, it will be easier for you to clean the floor because there are no more things hindering.

After that, you need to first sweep your floor. All dirt need to be swept on all parts of your house. Use a clean broom in doing this. Start in the most inner room of your home towards the exit.

Another method is through vacuuming, which should be done at least thrice per week. Vacuum the whole house.

Also, vacuum a specific floor twice when it is a high traffic area.

Lastly, you can mop the floors, which should be done once a week. Get a cotton mop and a bucket with hot water and cleaning solution.

Dip your mop there and brush it along the floor. Mop the dirty water off the floor. Repeat this process until you finish mopping the whole house.

Final Thoughts

With every tip we gave in this article, you can quickly clean your house in no time. You need to be efficient and effective in cleaning your home.

All of these techniques will surely leave no dirty spot in your home but will take you a small amount of time to finish.

Good luck on cleaning your house and make yourself proud after making everything clean!

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Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer for MaidSailors.com, the # 1 NY Maids cleaning services. Maid Sailors take pride in providing unparalleled cleaning services at affordable prices. Maid Sailors help transform your house into a home.

7 Handy Cleaning Tips to Make Every Corner of Your House Clean

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