5 Automatic Watch Winders Under $100

Looking for a new watch winder to help keep your automatic watch ticking while you’re not wearing it?

Check out the following 5 of the best automatic watch winders under $100.

automatic watch winders under 100

Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder is a perfect accessory to keep your precious automatic watch operating properly.

When first released in the market, consumers flood it with compliments. Since, it is nestled inside an exquisite black case, which gives it a very shiny and luxurious look. It appears that the Versa added this color with just one aim in mind; to offer luxury.

This automatic watch winder also provides the finest accuracy.

It has 4 turns per day with 3 direction settings. The best thing about this winder is it is programmed not to turn continuously, therefore, don’t worry about unwinding your watch. Besides, due to magnetization in the body, it won’t harm your expensive watch either.

✔️ Why We Love It: Well, apart from its features, the thing we love the most in this product the is blue LED light. It turns on when the winder is in motion.

✔️ Key Feature: The 3 direction settings are noticeable features. It can be cycled in clockwise, counter-clockwise, and both for approximately five minutes.

✖️ Reasons To Avoid: It is not 100% silent; it can be a bit noisy in rotation.

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JQUEEN Automatic Double Watch Winder

It is a handmade Japanese-designed model with a sleek and glossy exterior surface.

To make it look more appealing, they polished it with piano lacquer. You can feel it by moving your hands on its surface. It is super smooth and quality with high-grades.

This watch winder has four program modes which are especially convenient and easy-to-use. Unlike the previous model, its Japanese Motor is so quiet. Even after months of use, you won’t be able to hear it run. With 3 direction settings, this motor makes it take multiple turns each day.

The rotation of this winder works much the same way as the wrist. For that reason, it keeps your expensive watches in good working conditions – always.

✔️ Why We Love It: Though it is a double watch winder, its vertical design saves the space. Also, it is not only about the exterior. The interior of this model is elegant too. The beige color gives it a vintage look and makes it look great in the office and bedroom.

✔️ Key Feature: The motor is of top quality; it is powered by a battery or AC power outlet.

✖️ Reasons To Avoid: The battery isn’t available in the package.

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JQUEEN Watch Winder With Mabuchi Motor

It is one of the most gorgeous and elegant gifts you can give to your loved one.

It is an automatic double watch winder, however, the thing that especially separates it from the previous model is its ‘Mabuchi Motor’. This motor safeguards your sound sleep. It keeps the tiresome noise of the rotation below 5 dB. As far as we know, it is impossible to have this kind of ‘silent’ feature in other models as most of them start producing noise on the rotations.

Furthermore, it has a premium, ebony wood finish. The Acrylic organic glass is on top for displaying deluxe watches. It is rather durable and not easy to crack either.

When it comes to performance, it has 5 programmable settings. You can make it rotate clockwise or counterclockwise after 9 hours of rest too.

✔️ Why We Love It: You can use it for all size of your watches. Its premium anti-magnetic design keeps your watches safe and holds them firmly.

✔️ Key Feature: The upgraded Mabuchi Motor is the key feature that separates it from the other models of JQUEEN. You can enjoy an infantile sleep while it is sitting next to you.

✖️ Reasons To Avoid: There is no specific downside in it.

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Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder

Don’t want to pay a high-end price for one?

Get a double automatic watch winder by Versa. It is an ideal option to keep watches ready to wear all the time. It keeps your timepiece wound with a built-in smart timer that repeats the cycle of rotation four times per day with three directional settings.

The body of this product is designed with plastic gears to keep the costs down. But the matte black finish gives a very charming look and make it look expensive.

The thing that gives it a prominent position in our list is the Japanese Mabuchi Motor again. In reality, we weren’t expecting to see this feature in it. This one feature alone in this watch winder challenges the cost of JQUEEN Watch Winder, which is also famous for Mabuchi Motor.

✔️ Why We Love It: We know many consumers have issues with the plastic body, but we indeed love it as it gives it a contemporary look and it has plenty of room for oversized watches also.

✔️ Key Feature: It has an exclusive 350 turn per day setting that keeps your watches running.

✖️ Reasons To Avoid: Again, the plastic body; if you are more into a vintage model.

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CHIYODA Single Wooden Watch Winder

This automatic watch winder seems to have all of the bells and whistles.

It is nicely made of solid wood with 21 procedures of quality control. It is handmade and takes one month to complete. If you love spending your money on lavish items, we don’t think so you can get a watch winder better than this.

It also has a MABUCHI Motor that makes it even quieter than the whispering sound. It is not just silent, you will also be surprised by the longevity of it.

Apart from this, the AA batteries of CHIYODA make it mobile winder.

✔️ Why We Love It: Overall, it is a steal at its price. It is a 100% handmade wood product with all the contemporary and automatic features and it costs only around $54. If we have to choose only one product from our list, we will opt for this one.

✔️ Key Feature: The velvet pillow is the best feature in this model. It is inside the case and holds the watch securely. It is also adjustable to fit different sized watches.

✖️ Reasons To Avoid: Some consumers think that the TPD (turns per day) is too high.

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