Camping Solar Panels: What to Consider

Here’s some good news for the 40 million Americans who go camping every year:

You can now spend time in the great outdoors without having to ditch your electronics! With a high-quality camping solar panel at your disposal, you can harness the power of the sun to stay charged up wherever you go.

The tricky part’s choosing the best one for the job. Want some help with the task?

Read on for a selection of crucial considerations when buying camping solar panels.

Camping Solar Panels
Camping Solar Panels


Start by considering the specific gadgets and gizmos you’ll be using the solar panel to power. This is pivotal for figuring out the size and quality of the panel you need!

After all, as the pros (like the team at Blue Raven solar installation) will tell you, it takes a much higher output to run a camping fridge than it does to recharge your smartphone. With a list of all the appliances you’ll be powering, it’ll be easier to find a suitable solar panel. You’ll be able to add up the total wattage required and proceed accordingly.


Next, think about how long you’ll be using each appliance. Are you going on a 3-day camping trip or a month-long one? Likewise, will you be using each appliance all day, every day, or only at certain points?

Answering these types of questions should help you calculate the total number of amps required for the trip. For a specific figure, multiply the total number of amps used by each appliance/gadget per hour by the total number of hours you’ll be using them. Then multiply that figure by the number of days you’ll be away.


Solar panels come in a wide array of different shapes, styles, and sizes. It’s up to you to pick something appropriate for the type of camping you’ll be doing!

For example, someone with access to their car or truck has the luxury of carrying a much larger panel than someone going backpacking. If portability’s key, then it makes sense to buy a camping solar panel that’s compact, foldable, and lightweight.


How much do you want/have to spend on your solar panel(s)? There’s a wide range of models for every price tag, so it won’t be difficult to find something suitable. But, like anything, you get what you pay for!

Spending more than you want to could be worthwhile if it delivers better results.

And remember, the camping solar panel could be just the start. Many avid campers take a battery, an inverter, a solar regulator, and quality cabling with them as well. If you wish to do something similar, it’ll be important to factor these related items into your budget too.

Buy the Best Camping Solar Panels Possible

Camping solar panels are an ideal solution to the challenge of powering your gadgets when you’re in the wild. Unfortunately, there are so many available nowadays that choosing the best one for the task can be a challenge.

With any luck, though, the considerations in this solar panel guide will help make your life a little easier. Check out the Lifestyle section of the website to learn more about this topic and others like it.

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