A Must-Have Checklist For Moving Abroad

If you are looking into long distance moving to another country that there is a little more to think about than your typical move to a new neighborhood.

Not only are you moving into a whole new culture, but your belongings need to be transported via sea or air. It can be more straightforward with the right planning, so here are some of the best tips.

a checklist for moving abroad

Get your current home ready

You will need to get your home ready to sell before deciding to move. Otherwise, you may be stuck for much longer than anticipated to sell your home, which will make your move a lot longer than it needs to be.

To do this, you will need to most likely need to declutter, repair anything that needs it and pack up anything that could hinder the sale.

There are some easy ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, which include keeping it tidy, clean, and refreshing anything that makes the home look more inviting and livable. 

Check visa requirements

Many countries will require a visa before moving there. If you plan on staying in the country for a long time, or forever, then you will want to double-check the visa rules. 

Moving to a new country for work may make it easier to attain a visa, as many companies sponsor individuals to work. Yet, it still helps to know the regulations and be aware of the requirements before applying for a visa and dedicating your move to that country.

Stay in the area before you move

Many people love to move to a new place they hardly know or do not know at all. Although you may want to move into the main hub of the new country, it may not be affordable.

Thus, you may decide to move to an outside town or neighborhood. If that’s the case, then you should take time to get to know the place beforehand in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.

You could spend a few nights there in a local hotel or apartment to get a feel for living there, get used to the culture, and nearby facilities. 

Tell your banks 

Ensuring your banks know that you are moving will reduce the stress of dealing with it after you move. Many banks charge a fee for every transaction, which will mean your costs will be way more than they need to be.

To prevent this, warning your banks that you are moving to a new country means they can sort the charges and maybe offer you a new card and account to suit the country you are moving to. 

Learn the language 

Another thing to add to your moving abroad checklist is to learn the local language.

You will find it much easier to settle in and involve yourself in the culture if you know a few phrases to get you started. Even if it’s to order a coffee or greet people, you will feel more comfortable and it also shows respect. 

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