Cooking Classy: My New Favourite Instagram Food Blogger

Greetings all. I recently came across a fantastic Instagram account that is quickly becoming one of my favourites in the whole Instagram-chefs ere we find ourselves in.

Introducing “Cooking Classy” the brain-child of “aspiring-chef” Jaclyn which is also the creator of the website.

The account has over 250,000 followers but it definitely deserves more so take a look at some of the recent images below and don’t forget to follow CookingClassy both on the IG but also on the blog.

(Right below the IG pictures, you’ll also find some of her most-read recipes shared on the Cooking Classy Pinterest -with 600,000 followers! You can click the pins below to be redirected to the recipes!

Well done Jaclyn!

[iscwp-grid username=”cookingclassy”]

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