5 Dos & Don’ts To Manage Stress

Stress is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life and the real challenge comes with how you deal with the stress you face.

It is not easy but learning to manage and successfully navigate your way through stressful times can make a huge difference to your daily life and wellbeing.

To help you successfully manage the stress you experience follow some of these dos and don’ts.

Dos and Don’ts To Manage Stress

Don’t ignore it

If you are experiencing an increase in your stress levels do not ignore it or put it to the back of your mind.

It will not go away by itself and by ignoring the stresses you are experiencing or the causes of those stresses will only make it worse and allow them to develop. 

Do exercise

Undertaking physical exercise is a proven way to help improve stress. Exercise produces endorphins, which make you feel happier and it will help relax your mind and body.

If you can take the opportunity to get out into the fresh air and exercise outside. Natural light and exposure to nature is also known to help combat stress and low mood 

Don’t turn to substances

It can be tempting to have that extra glass of wine when you are feeling stressed.

Alcohol or even other substances are commonly thought to help improve your mood or numb the difficult or stressful feelings you may be experiencing but unfortunately, this is very short-lived.

Turning to substances such as alcohol may provide that temporary lift in stress but ultimately it will only add to your stressors.

Excess alcohol is known to negatively affect your sleep, anxiety, and mood so by turning to alcohol to relieve your stress you could in fact be making it worse. 

Do talk to someone

If you find you have been turning to substances to help you deal with stress then one of the most positive steps you can take to effect change is to talk to someone about it.

It could be professionals such as Sunshine Behavioral Health or simply initiating the conversation with a friend or loved one.

Talking to someone about the stress you are dealing with is also a great first step to seeking help to deal with that stress. It may be by talking it through with someone is enough to help you gain a clearer perspective or an understanding of the steps you could take to reduce the stress in your life.

Alternatively, it may be that seeking professional help to manage your stress levels and in turn develop different methods and techniques to help you manage current and future stresses. 

Do take a break

You need to plan some downtime to take your mind away from the stresses.

This could be as simple as scheduling a yoga class, meditation, or meal out with a friend to help release those endorphins and leave you feeling better about your day.

Alternatively, it could be something a little more enduring such as taking time away from work or your busy schedule to help you regroup and re-balance the stress and priorities in your life. 

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