5 Easy Online Jobs for Stay at Home Mums

Aren’t you sick of hearing how much money people make online, but all you get is $2 a month after filling out 100s of surveys?

I’m sure you are, which is why today;

I want to present you 5 relatively-new online jobs for stay at home mums who are looking to make a modest income online.

While some fantastic tried-and-tested methods (such as blogging) still made the list, the focus for this was to bring in a few new ways you can make money, as a stay at home mum.

If you’re looking to find out what the opportunities the upcoming new decade will bring (and what will actually work), keep reading…

how to make money as a stay at home mum

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1. Course Creator

how to make money as a course creator

We’ve placed this at number one because course creators are killing it online.  If you have knowledge you can package and sell, do it. And this can be knowledge about absolutely anything you’re interested in.  

They say if you’ve read 10 books on a subject, you’re considered an expert.  What is your expertise?

Once you’ve chosen a fascinating topic for your course, you need to choose a medium. Do you come across best when you write or when you speak?  Will you deliver your course via ebook, email or video?

Decide who will benefit most by taking your course, consider what problems you’re solving.

Get clear on your ideal client or avatar.  Define a target age, gender, level of education and standard of living.

Then make sure you’re clear on the core takeaway and benefits so that you can get your marketing pitch right.

Pricing will depend on how long your course is, how much it impacts your students and where you’re planning to market your course as pricing differs from platform to platform.

2. Freelancer

how stay at home mums can make money as freelancers

Freelancing is also an excellent way to earn from the skills you’ve already mastered.  It’s also one of your quickest routes to income. 

There’s not much to do except find the best platform to market your particular set of skills.  

Writers, Graphic Artists, and Web Designers have many options open to them on Freelance platforms. 

Other highly sought-after skills are Mobile App Development, Programming, Video Animation, Voice-Over and Market Research.

Social Media Managers, Tutors, and Grant Writers can also set up shop as a Freelancer. 

And you can also use these channels to market unusual skills you’ve got down pat.  Maybe you’re a Calligrapher, Baby Name Consultant, Forum Moderator, Professional TV Watcher or Matchmaker.

Maybe your particular skill is writing the ads for real estate or fortunes in fortune cookies. 

Whatever it is you can do, you can freelance it.

If you investigate the top Freelancer platforms, Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer, you can get tons of ideas of the kind of freelance jobs being advertised and what freelancers charge for their services.  

What’s great about joining platforms like these is they give you access to an instant market.  It does come at a price, however. They will take a commission off every sale you make. 

3. YouTuber

how to make money on youtube as a stay at home mum

Video is fast becoming the most lucrative way to earn money online.  And it’s incredibly accessible as all you need when you’re getting started is a Smartphone and an Internet connection.  

You don’t need an entire studio, just a clean, neat, quiet space with good natural lighting.

Many YouTubers film their videos outside or in their car, on-the-go which eliminates the need for a dedicated space in your home and gives you the best option of working around your children’s busy schedules.

Further down the line, as you become more professional, you might consider looking into some lighting options, a good webcam, tripod or selfie stick and video editing software, but;

These are not essential and don’t have to cost the earth.  You can probably get away with investing a couple of hundred bucks. 

What are you going to create videos about?

Well, that’s up to you and your interests but if you want to fast-track your success on YouTube, the most popular videos are unboxing videos like the kind in Ryan’s Toys Reviews, how-to educational or instructional videos (of just about anything you can imagine), favorites or best-of videos, challenges, comedy or gaming. 

Pick a niche and start videoing.

4. Online Seller (eCommerce)

how stay at home mums make money selling things online

Mums are also making fabulous money selling goods and services on Etsy, Amazon or e-Bay.  

You can buy and sell, create and sell or just plain sell. This can be an excellent way to clear out that toy room stuffed with toys your kids don’t play with anymore.

Let’s talk Etsy. Etsy is an online platform for selling handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique items. Think of it as the world’s best online gift shop.

If you’re creative, you’ll absolutely love creating special items to sell on Etsy.  

Each Etsy member becomes a store owner in their own right. It costs nothing to open up a store but there’s a listing fee for each product and Etsy takes a small percentage of commission every time you make a sale.

We will dedicate a post to becoming an Amazon FBA Seller (Fulfillment by Amazon) because it’s a bit complicated to explain here.

For now, know there’s good money to be made by buying and selling products on Amazon and the investment is not too high. 

E-Bay is your best place to sell all those unwanted items you have cluttering up your home but, just like on Amazon, you can buy, manufacture or import goods and sell them on e-Bay too.  

NB: You may also want to learn how to make money with the Amazon Associates program!

5. Blogger

how to make money blogging as a stay at home mum

Bloggers earn money from 4 main sources:

Blogging often starts out as a passion project. A Mum sits down and airs her views on life, parenting, home, arts, crafts health, and wellness or anything that takes her fancy.

Her friends start reading her posts and she starts getting comments and building a tribe of other Mums, homeowners or parents who identify with her fears, concerns, joys, and triumphs.

And that’s usually the best time to start looking into monetizing a blog. When you already have an audience and a clearly-defined niche.

The best part about doing it this way is that you’re in flow, you’re genuinely helping people just by being authentically you. And you’re not impatient about the slow build. Your blog grows organically.

Because it can take a while for a blog to really take off and if you’re blogging just to make money, it can quickly start to feel like work.  

One of the best tips we can give you if you’re just starting out with a blog is to start an email list at the same time so you can build your tribe right from the get-go. 

(We’ll cover this in another post).

Once you have loyal readers coming back to read your posts, you’ll start building traffic week-by-week and once you have traffic, the world’s your oyster.

BONUS: Learn How To Start Your Own Home-Business?

As you can see, the top method listed above regarding how to make money with a blog is;

Affiliate marketing.

Judging by what I see on Pinterest, plenty of stay at home mums have discovered the golden bucket that is affiliate marketing and even though I’m not a “stay at home mum” myself, I’d agree.

Affiliate marketing is how I make a full-time income online.

  • It’s simple to do
  • You can get started with nothing
  • You have no “boss” to answer to
  • There’s no limit to how much you can earn.

So, if you’re mum who’s wish is to stay at home, all the while doing your part in supporting the family, learn about affiliate marketing and you will soon see why I say it’s “my absolute favorite way to make money online”.

I’ll leave you to it.

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