Essential Things To Think About When Moving Furniture

Moving house can be a stressful time which could be why so many homeowners forgot to consider their furniture when they are planning their relocation.

They are much more concerned with packing their smaller belongings such as books, clothing, and ornaments into boxes, and often they won’t think about how you will move the larger pieces of furniture at all.  

The problem with this approach is that it can mean significant delays and logistical issues on the moving day itself, and if you already have a tight schedule and other people are expecting to move into your home after you leave, you can see why this is not ideal.

It’s far better to plan ahead when it comes to your larger pieces of furniture to ensure your move is a smooth one. Read on to find out how this can be done. 

moving furniture

What Can Be Disassembled?

After you have booked Allied Van Lines to help you move, you’ll need to help yourself a little as well, especially if you want to speed up the process on the big day itself.

One thing you can do is to look at your furniture and work out which pieces can be disassembled. It might be that you have entirely forgotten how the furniture arrived and whether you can take it apart, so spending some time investigating this is crucial. 

Whatever can be taken apart should be. Not only will this make it easier to remove from the property and stack in the van, but it will also make it easier to arrange once you get to the other end.

When Should You Disassemble?

Once you know what can be taken apart, you’ll need to plan out when you can do it. The moving day itself will be fast-paced and chaotic, even with the best plan in place.

With that in mind, leaving your disassembly until the last minute, when the removals company you’ve chosen is already waiting to start moving furniture, isn’t going to help anyone. It will delay you even further, and it will cause stress when there didn’t need to be any. 

The best thing to do is to take the furniture apart as far as in advance as possible. Some furniture, such as a dining table or bookcase, can be taken apart weeks ahead of moving day.

Others like your couch and bed will have to wait until nearer the time. However, sitting on the floor and sleeping on your mattress for just one or two nights won’t hurt, and it will mean that your move can go ahead without a hitch. 

Do You Need It All?

Finally, before you plan to take everything you currently have to your new home, there is one big question to ask yourself; do you need it all?

If you’re moving to a smaller place, or you barely use the furniture now, or you just feel that you no longer want or need it, why take it with you? Before you move it is the perfect opportunity to sell, give away, or dispose of this furniture and not have to worry about it. 

This logic doesn’t just work for furniture either; what else do you no longer want or need?

Make it a plan that you don’t take anything with you that you really don’t want in your new home, and the move will be so much easier (as will the unpacking). 

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