30 Exotic Vegan Recipes From Around The World

The world is getting smaller and thank god for that.

Time was (or so I’ve been told!) that food in the UK consisted basically of boiled cabbage, potatoes and beef.

With maybe some nice fish and chips thrown in for a change, and of course, Sundays were all about the (meaty) roast.

Foods like ‘Dim Sum’, ‘Gado Gado’ and ‘Enchiladas’ were about as British as Carmen Miranda dancing the samba in a fruit hat – but that was then.

30 Exotic Vegan Recipes From Around The World

Today, Britain and most other nations in the world are a happy mixed salad bowl  of world cuisines – so much so that chefs have gained the confidence to put a spin or two on traditionally foreign dishes, including making vegan substitutions when required.

Whether you’re a fan of spicy Indian or subtle sushi, we’ve got some Exotic Vegan Recipes from Around the World that take the best foods from around the globe and put them right into your kitchen.

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