How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

One of the easiest ways to improve your home’s curb appeal is to change or improve your exterior paint color.

These tips help you choose the perfect exterior paint color:

1. Accentuate the Past

There is something to be said about exterior paint colors of the past.

This is especially true if you are lucky enough to own a house of a certain, definable architectural style—Victorian, Cape Cod, Craftsman, etc.

If you have the help of a designer—and most of the professional or contractor paint shops offer such an expert—then ask him or her to find paint samples from the era in which your home was built.

2. Be Aware of Neighbors’ Exterior Paint Colors

Whatever you decide will be your exterior paint colors, but try to consider what will work in your neighbourhood.

In other words, look at the whole picture—think of your neighbourhood as fabric and your house as one thread in that fabric.

You may be limited further by Home Owners’ Association covenants, so be sure to look into those covenants as well.

By and large, being a good neighbor is something you ought to factor in. Will the colors you are leaning towards fit in the overall feel of the neighborhood?

Can you manage to be unique without being the eyesore?

3. Structural Harmony with Rest of the House

Think not just of the neighborhood whole, but think of your house’s whole. What color is your roof? Is it slate, aluminum, copper, cedar shakes?

Though you don’t need to match your paint to your shingles, the colors should fit together somehow. Another consideration is the landscaping and natural elements around the house. Are you in a wooded area?

Is there a lake nearby? These can suggest color families that can help you decide your exterior paint colors.

4. The Inside Affects the Outside

If you have a favorite quilt on display, or perhaps a piece of fine china, that would make a great design motif for exterior paint colors.

Don’t be afraid to pull the colors for your home from that piece and translate it onto your exterior.

This adds a sense of harmony and integrity in design and can be as subtle or obvious as you’d like.

All you’re after is an inspiration–not demonstrating to the outside world the connection between a quilt and exterior paint.

It’s a personal thing: if the colors on this quilt or that plate caught your eye, then they’d likely work well for you on your home.

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