How To Get Through A Kitchen Remodel

It’s always wonderful to have a new kitchen, but going through a remodel is never fun.

Having your kitchen in a state of serious disarray is difficult, with no place to cook and the rest of the home covered in dust.

Yet it can be done. To make it through a significant kitchen renovation, follow these simple tips.

How To Get Through A Kitchen Remodel

Have A Temporary Kitchen

Set up a temporary kitchen with your smaller appliances and your fridge.

In the event that you are unable to use your oven, you can still prepare meals using common kitchen appliances such as a coffee maker, toaster, microwave, and slow cooker; this recipe for crockpot pork steaks is a perfect example of what is possible. 

Perhaps you like going camping, in which case, you can make do with some of your portable cooking gear inside. You can also use the BBQ if the weather is nice.

It might not be ideal, but you won’t have to rely on takeout or miss out on eating altogether, and it will only be for a short time. 

Buy Disposable Tableware

Dishwashing in the bathroom is inconvenient, but you can avoid it by getting a set of throwaway plates, cups, and cutlery.

This will be much easier, and there are many fantastic recyclable options, so you won’t have to feel terrible about being less than environmentally friendly.

 Stay With Friends

If a friend asks if there is anything you can do to assist with the remodeling, ask if you can stay the night.

Bring some food and a bottle of wine, and all they need to supply is a place to sleep away from the dust and commotion of renovating. You’ll feel a lot better after the break.

Remember, this might not be a long-term solution, and you shouldn’t outstay your welcome – just one or two nights will be plenty to get your mind re-set and to head back home in a more positive frame of mind.  

If you don’t want to or can’t stay over anywhere and your friends still want to help out, ask if they can bring some food around.

This saves you cooking in a complicated setup and ensures you have good food to eat. Plus, you can have some company too, which can be useful when you’re feeling stressed. 

Manage The Dust

There is a lot of dust involved with remodeling, and it can go everywhere, no matter how cautious you try to be.

Even if it’s far from the kitchen, cover anything valuable, like paintings or furniture, with plastic sheeting or dust sheets. When you’re not using your temporary kitchen, make sure it’s clean and covered up. 

Be Prepared For Issues

There is no such thing as a perfect refurbishment. Delays and issues are unavoidable. Prepare for this so that it doesn’t stress you out.

If you’re prepared for difficulties like your favorite tiles being out of stock or the handles you liked looking wrong when they’re installed, these things won’t feel so dire.

A few bumps on the road don’t have to spell the end of the remodeling effort.

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