How To Make Autumn Crumble Pie

Easy fall desserts, I am all about that.

These apple crumble bars have been on repeat at our house! No, I didn’t go apple picking because that’s not really a thing we do in Texas. I went to my favourite grocery store that just so happens to be running a special on barrels and barrels of apples and pretended I plucked these beautiful rubies off a tree. Okay, so they weren’t really in a barrel either. But the box they were in had a picture of a wooden crate, honest! Boy, have I got myself a great imagination.

However, in order to celebrate the only day of autumn, we’ll have, possibly until December, I did order a new pair on knee-high boots, dusted off my scarves and got a new fall scented candle. Living in Texas sure has its perks, but the autumn season certainly isn’t one of them.

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