When you are looking to maximize on storage space, these lift-top coffee tables could really come in handy. They are fully functional coffee tables with added versatility thanks to the feature that inspires their name.

They do, however, come in so many different designs such that selecting the best lift top coffee table can be challenging.

We have done all the hard work so you don’t have to, searching the web to bring you a list of the best coffee tables with lift tops. We have quite a variety of designs and material choices on this ultimate list to meet your precise needs and preferences.


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The Greatest Lift-Top Coffee Tables:

Whether you have to contend with tiny space living and need an all-in-one piece or are just looking for a way to reduce your living room clutter, we have something for you.

Take a look at the following lift top coffee tables and discover the best ideas to inspire your purchase.

#1 Loon Peak Lift-Top Coffee Table

Loon Peak Lift-Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

Loon Peak Lift-Top Coffee Table

The best part about lift-top coffee tables is their blend of functionality, style and storage This piece highlights the best of both worlds.

It draws inspiration from a variety of sources. There are touches of industrial, rustic and traditional styles. The result is a sophisticated focal point that would look great in any décor. It would make an exceptional choice for a classy bohemian look.

#2 Seraphina Lift-Top Coffee Table

Seraphina Lift-Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

When it comes to contemporary living, few pieces can match up to this. It sports a trendy geometric look that makes use of a variety of shapes to achieve cohesion.

The result is a truly stylish piece with lots of functional and aesthetic value. Apart from the lift top, it also sports handy cubbies that could keep small items like the remote control.

#3 Dempsey Gas Lift Coffee Table with Ottomans

Dempsey Gas Lift Coffee Table with Ottomans - lift-top coffee tables

Small space living often calls for creativity if at all you will enjoy the nice things in life. This is one of the best lift top coffee tables to make that a reality.

The piece has a hydraulic lift function that transforms it from coffee to dining table in a matter of seconds. To make things even more fun, it has four ottomans that act both as storage and dining chairs.

#4 Mainstays Lift-Top Coffee Table

Mainstays Lift-Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

If once in a while you have to take your work home, then a comfortable work space is a necessity. This simple yet captivating coffee table makes that happen for you.

The top panel extends fully to allow you to catch up with your backlog. The hidden top compartment has sufficient space to store books, magazines or even your tablet.

#5 Signal Mountain Lift Top Coffee Table

Signal Mountain Lift Top Coffee Table

If you are looking for the best lift top coffee table to complete your eco-friendly décor, you just found it! This craftsman oak table offers lots of versatility and rustic appeal to a nature-loving homeowner.

It sports a convenient storage space in the lower section, with lots of room for virtually all your living room clutter. Additionally, the top lifts up and outwards to create a handy workspace.

#6 Lamantia Coffee Table with Lift Top

Lamantia Coffee Table with Lift Top

No matter your style or seating arrangement, this fashionable coffee table will make it worthwhile. It is a charming piece with an all-black finish that makes it perfect for a classic theme.

It sports a tasteful silhouette in a rectangular shape. Everything about it screams simplicity yet it does not fail to captivate. In addition to its top storage compartment, it also has a lower shelf area for bigger items.

#7 Cornelia Lift Top Coffee Table

Cornelia Lift Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

Minimalist homeowners will definitely love one of these lift top coffee tables. It has lots of room beneath the top panel to reduce the clutter from your living room and your life.

Its neutral finish makes it a highly versatile piece that will blend with virtually any environment. It is particularly suitable for someone who has a thing for the mid-century modern style.

#8 Faux Marble Lift Top Storage Coffee Table

Faux Marble Lift Top Storage Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

For those who absolutely love marble counter tops, here is a piece to make it a part of your living room. The faux marble finish gives it an elegant look that guarantees a head-turning effect.

The top lifts up with ease thanks to a mechanical hinge system. The hidden compartment ensures that your space is free of clutter while keeping important items close at hand.

#9 Campbell Lift Top Coffee Table

Campbell Lift Top Coffee Table

Anyone with a love for adventure and a soft spot for bright colors has to have one of these lift-top coffee tables. It makes a stunning addition to any space thanks to its brilliant design.

It is a great piece when you are looking to cheer up a simplistic space. Patterned tiles create the amazing effect, highlighting bohemian beauty and creating an amazing focal point.

#10 Sunlight Spire Lift Top Coffee Table

Sunlight Spire Lift Top Coffee Table

This is a laidback piece for a simple home owner who simply wishes to enjoy its functionality. The bottom compartments could hold toy baskets or books.

The top is great for storing small, handy items out of sight to maintain a neat appearance. And when the sun goes down, you could enjoy a cup of coffee or browse the net from the work surface that the top provides.

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