10 MEGA-Tall Futuristic Skyscrapers (Unbelievable)

We have entered the age of the “mega-tall” skyscraper.

The first mega-tall tower (which reached 2,000 feet into the air) opened ten years ago. Yes; I am talking about the Burj Khalifa and it has since then held the record of the undisputed titan of the sky.

But that’s about to change and very soon too.

As early as 2019, a new building will rise more than 550 feet taller than the Khalifa!

Can you imagine that?

But that’s only one – here are 10 MEGA-tall skyscrapers of the future you may one day visit.

For details about these projects, please visit the original post on BusinessInsider.com.

Zhongguo Zun, Beijing, China

Zhongguo Zun, Beijing, China

Goldin Finance 117, Tianjin, China

Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Nordstrom Tower, New York, New York

Pearl of the North, Shenyang, China

Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen, China

Suzhou Zhongnan Center, Suzhou, China

Wuhan Greenland Centre, Wuhan, China

CTF Finance Center, Guangzhou, China

CTF Finance Center, Guangzhou, China

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