4 Tips for Moving House with Pets

Moving into a new home can always be a tricky process but it can be made more complicated if you have pets to consider.

You’ll want to minimize the stress they experience throughout the move, so be sure to plan ahead and take them into account.

If you’re due to move soon and you want to simplify the process, take a look at these four tips for moving house with pets:

how to start moving house with pets

Remove Pets from the Home on Moving Day

On the day of your move, make sure you have somewhere else for your pets to go. If friends and family are able to pet sit, this could be a good option to keep your animals safe.

Alternatively, you may want to use a cattery or kennels for dogs and cats, so that they’re not perturbed by what’s going on at home. 

When boxes and furniture are being moved, doors are likely to be left open, which means animals could inadvertently get out.

By making sure they have somewhere safe to stay while this is going on, you’ll have peace of mind that your pets are safe. 

Avoid Travelling with Pets and Cargo

If you attempt to move your belongings yourself, try to avoid traveling with pets and cargo. Unless items are properly strapped down, this could be extremely dangerous.

If you need to brake sharply and boxes begin to move, for example, this could harm your pet or stress them out unnecessarily. 

One of the best ways to overcome this is to hire a removal company to facilitate cross country moving.

With your belonging professionally transported to your new home, you can focus on getting your family and pets to your new destination safely, without the worry of having to load and unload vans or drive large and unfamiliar vehicles. 

Check the Property is Secure

When you arrive at your new home, don’t let your pets roam freely just yet. Instead, keep them secured while you check the area for any potential escapes, like gaps in the fence or an unsecured cat flap.

After a long journey, you might be tempted to let them run wild and explore their new domain but keeping them safe is always a top priority.

They’ll have plenty of time to explore once you’re settled in, so don’t risk them getting lost in an unfamiliar area but being too eager to let them roam. 

Travel with Familiar Items

Before you set off on your move, make sure your pets have familiar things around them.

Putting their bed in a crate and giving them access to their toys, as well as food and water, will help to keep them calm and reassured throughout the journey. 

Planning Your Move

Once you know your moving date, start making plans straight away. By staying on top of things, you can ensure that your pets have everything they need, and you’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress too.

While moving house is a big transition for you, it’s also a significant change for your pets, so be sure to spend extra time with them and give them all the reassurance they need!

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