Are These The Reasons Why Your House Is So Cold?

If you’re currently wrapped up in a blanket and scarf because your home is very cold, something must be wrong somewhere. This is especially true if your heating is on but your home is still on the chilly side.

For the sake of your health, it’s important to consider why your home is colder than it should be.

There are some very common reasons as to why this might be the case, as you can read within our suggestions below.

Are These The Reasons Why Your House Is So Cold?

#1: Cold air is leaking in from outside

That cold draft you feel biting at your neck could be because of an open window somewhere about your home. If your cat has mysteriously gone walkabout it could be because you have left a door open too!

But if, after establishing all doors and windows are shut, there is still a draft coming into your home, it will probably be because of gaps around your windows and door frames.

To seal these gaps, you could cover them with polyurethane caulk or a bead of acrylic.

Installing weatherstripping is another thing you could do. However, if your window and door frames are old and worn, it might be time to replace them. In this case, you should call on a professional if you don’t feel equipped to do the job yourself.

#2: Your home isn’t very well insulated

When you turn your heating on, you don’t want it escaping into the street. You want to feel warm and cozy in your own home while putting your feet up with a lovely cup of tea (or something stronger).

But if your home isn’t well insulated, heat will escape, and you will experience both the chill of a cold house and a nasty heating bill!

As we suggested in our last point, draft proofing is one way to insulate your home.

You might want to change your windows too, especially if they aren’t double or triple-glazed. Cavity wall, floor, and attic insulations are other options available to you, and you can seek help with the latter by following this link:

There will be an expense when you insulate your home but considering the savings, you will make on your heating bills, you will see a return on your investment.

#3: Your boiler isn’t doing its job

If you are reliant on a boiler system for your heating, you will want to make sure that it’s working as it should. But if certain radiators aren’t warming up or if there is no heating coming through at all, then there will be a problem with your boiler.

A cold house is obviously one sign that something isn’t right, but other signs of a boiler problem can include clunking noises coming from within and water leaks from somewhere in the system.

Unless you’re a qualified plumber, you probably shouldn’t try to fix any problems yourself. Bring in a professional, despite the expense, and follow their recommendations. As the average boiler only lasts for around 15 years, you might need a new one.

This is a horrible expense we know, but on the bright side, a new boiler will be more energy-efficient so you will make savings in the long term. You will also have a warmer house so so you won’t need to worry about your tea going cold so quickly!

#4: You’re trying to lower heating bill costs

Heating bills aren’t pleasant, especially during the winter months, so to save money you might be resistant to putting your heating on. This is understandable but it’s important to remember that you still need to stay warm. A cold house is not good for your health so don’t put yourself at risk.

If you follow the other suggestions on this list, you will reduce your heating bill. This is because you won’t need to turn your heating on as often and you won’t need to crank up the thermostat.

However, there are other ways to reduce your heating bills costs, and you can find some solutions here;


A cold house isn’t fun for anybody so it is something you need to get on top of. Some home improvement projects will need to be prioritized if your house is cold, so add the suggestions in this article to our previous list,, and benefit both your home and your health.

When your house is warmer you will be warmer too, so you will have less need to dress up like a snowman on a too-regular basis. Follow our suggestions and seek further advice if you suspect there are issues that we haven’t covered here.

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