The Rich Kids Of Instagram Know How To Show Off Wealth

The Rich Kids of Instagram, aka RKOIs, aren’t just young; they’re also filthy rich, and insta-famous.

These kids aren’t just young teenagers or millennials who go to a luxury car showroom and take pics next to an expensive supercar.

Neither are they scrubs who hang out on the passenger side of their best friends’ rides and pass them off as their own. They either actually own the cars or roll in the hot rides courtesy of their parents’ hard-earned cash (which is usually the case).

Their lives have so influenced us that we hardly go a day without reading a story about them, the features sometimes even expanding to double-page spreads. And some even have their own reality TV shows and books!

Some are still in their teens, while others are 20-somethings who splurge generously and splash their wealth all over the gram for everyone to see.

While we may question their upbringing, happiness levels, and whether or not they can survive in the ghetto while having to work three or five jobs to survive, that may not be such an issue to them–they probably don’t even think about such stuff.

Their lives are summer every day, and although they may be leeching off their folks, they seem to have taken the Instagram Effect to a whole other level because luxury car brands are seeing an increase in the number of new-generation car buyers just from this phenomenon.

Here are 17 who drive better cars than yours.

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