5 Signs Your Business Is Stuck In The 90s

Outdated business practices could be costing your company a lot of money.

In the last few decades, there have been major changes to the way in which businesses operate. Below are a few signs that your business is stuck in the 90s. 

signs your business is stuck in the 90s

No web presence

Having a web presence in this day and age is essential for maintaining a sense of legitimacy.

Many customers will research a company online before using them – if nothing comes up, customers may assume that you’re not an official company or that you’re hiding something. 

At the very least, you need a website. Nowadays, it’s possible to build your own website cheaply without any programming knowledge – there are lots of drag-and-drop website builders that you can use.

Alternatively, you may prefer to simply hire a web design service such as this one at WebX360.com in order to ensure that your site looks professional.

On top of a website, you should also consider social media pages. A Google My Business account is also worth creating – this will help your company show up on Google Maps and you’ll be able to start building reviews on Google.

Cash only

Fewer people are carrying cash nowadays. If you run a cash-only business, you could be putting off customers. 

Card readers are now very cheap to buy and you can buy portable ones to use from practically any location. Everyone from market stall vendors to driving instructors are starting to invest in card readers.

Check out this post at Startups.co.uk for a guide on the best card readers. 

Paper records

Are you still storing paper documents in filing cabinets? It could be time to start moving to a paperless office.

Storing all your documents digitally uses up less space, costs less money and is generally easier to organise. If you need to share documents, you can use the cloud, group chats or email.

You can even sign contracts electronically nowadays. There’s very little reason to still use paper.

Landline reliance

Landline phones still have their advantages – a fixed line often means a more secure phone connection. However, in this age of remote work, more flexible options are often required.

Many companies have now moved to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) voice calls. This involves using the internet to make phonecalls.

VoIP numbers can be answered from multiple devices from practically any location with an internet connection – you don’t have to be in the office to take a call. You can also digitally track calls and build better strategies for increasing phone calls. 

Social irresponsibility

Many companies of the 90s didn’t care about environmentalism or social justice. Nowadays, companies are expected to be socially responsible – many customers will refuse to use a company that isn’t Fair Trade or eco-conscious. 

Think about ways in which your company can be more socially responsible. This could include donating money to causes, using recyclable packaging, and paying employees fairly. 

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