I just did a feature on Rachel (@dulciedoodles) and her Instagram account and somehow – luckily – ended up on Stefan Kunza, another incredibly talented Instagram caligraphy artist.

Stefan is a one-of-a-kind artist and you can see his amazing work on Instagram down below.

Free free to share and do not forget to support Stefan and his art via his Instagram and also LinkTree account.

Trying to speed up my process... what word should I write next?
You can do anything you set your mind to and the world is a better place with you! Happy International Women’s Day. Tag a special women in your life! #internationalwomensday

This Photo was shared by @emilyreider on @unsplash (giving everyone a do-whatever-you-want permission by the photographer). I found it with the search word „women“ and felt it illustrated the quote very well. I did not know that it was a picture of a boy.
My goal was never to harm but to encourage others through my posts.
If you were sent by Jacsen or his family to comment on this post ans bring me down! Hey 👋🏻 and welcome. Take a look around. Feel free to boost my engagement by commenting.
YES or NO? Should’nt be too difficult to make a decision right? But somehow, everyone we take is essential. The things you say yes to are the ones that will take up your energy, time and resources. I don’t have trouble saying no to others but I really struggle with saying no to myself. I want to do everything at usually at the same time. Whenever I have an idea I just want to do it. So this quote really helps me to remind myself of saying no more often even to myself. How about you?
PS: this is the theme of this week’s #halfbakedsketches and you can get all of the sketches I created for @schoolofmotion for this commission in my shop and create your version of it.
Sydney, Australia
FORGET ABS... I got enough six-packs for an entire year. Who wants one?
PS: thank you @krispykremeaustralia for helping me create this.
I looove working from HOME, partially because I don’t have to wear pants 🎉. This week, I have the pleasure to bring you both #halfbakedsketches and #HOMwork in one and the same challenge (That’s a break for some of you 😅) where we‘ll be using the prompt: “Home is where ___” and you get to finish that quote and make it your own, while giving us an insight what it looks like behind closed doors. 🙈 scary, i know. But if I can take my pants off... you’ll be just fine. Don’t forget to tag us 🙌🏻 because we would love to feature you.
Thank you @homsweethom again for this wonderful opportunity.
PS: you can get free sketches & resources for this challenge in my shop!

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