How to Take Control of Your Living Space

If you want to take back control of your living space and be more awesome, you’ve come to the right place!

This article looks at some of the awesome changes you can make that increase your standard of living and your wellness levels.

Don’t delay; find your inspiration right now!  

Take Control of Your Living Space

Declutter Your Home

Start by de-cluttering your home; this will create space that reduces stress and increases wellness.

Everyone wants to reduce stress in their lives because stress is unpleasant and leads to health conditions such as heart disease. Space also increases your sense of wellness. 

Chances are you have clutter in your home because you have run out of storage space, but it’s also possible that you have a lot of items you don’t need – things you have bought but no longer have any use for!

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Re-decorate Sometimes

According to interior design experts, people become bored with the decoration in their homes every three to five years, so don’t feel bad if you have re-decorated fairly recently but want to make some changes once again. Take control of your living space with some fresh new ideas. 

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to find new inspiration in your home is to paint the rooms a seasonal color or one that suits your current mind-state.

Some people like to paint arty walls with bold or pastel colors. Alternatively, you could paint an accent wall in a solid color. 

Re-imagine Your Space

These days people are interested in multi-functional spaces, partly for practical reasons – multi-functional spaces are an excellent use of space – and partly due to convenience – why take out a subscription for an expensive spa when you can have a hot tub or room in your home? 

The most popular multi-functional spaces that will make your home more awesome are converted garages that can be used as a home office and storage, bathrooms that also contain a spa or sauna, and a combination kitchen which is a living room or dining room as well.   

Stick to Routines

If you have a lot of clutter in your home, chances are you don’t think about your routines very often.

Routines play a significant role in how where clutter accumulates, so if you want to keep your living space as awesome as possible, be more aware of how you move around the home. 

One example of a routine is cups, glasses, and dinner plates that accumulate on the coffee table or in the dishwasher. If you have a set system for clearing up after a Netflix session, your home will feel tidier and less cluttered.

What other ant-trails do you have in your home life? 

Find a New Angle

We might think we have all the answers, especially when it comes to our living space; after all, interior design is very subjective. But don’t count on it!

A new perspective can bring new ideas and inspiration that we were blind to, but after a while, it becomes part of the furniture, literally!  

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