Travel Tips: Finding The Best Shoes For Walking/Hiking

Walking or hiking are excellent ways of seeing more of the world when you travel.

They let you get to stunning vantage points, explore natural scenery, and just embrace the culture you’re in.

No matter where you go, there will always be somewhere you can walk around for hours on end. So, it’s vital that you pack the right shoes for the job.

Walking/hiking is far easier and more comfortable when you’re feet aren’t ridiculously sore! Read my tips, and you’ll find the best shoes for this task:

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Opt for dark shoes – preferably black

I’d suggest you avoid light shoes if you’re going to use them for long walks or hiking. The chances are they’re going to get dirty, no matter how much you take care of them.

If you’re wearing white or very light shoes, then they’re just going to get absolutely ruined. This makes them useless as you can’t really wear them again when you return from your travels. Instead, go for darker colors as they cover dirt much easier.

If possible, get black shoes/sneakers because they mask dirt and will end up in a better state than any lighter variations.

dark shoes while traveling

Make sure the shoes are long-lasting

You can’t trust shoes that aren’t built to last or withstand pretty aggressive walking.

Most sneakers should be able to live up to the task, but it’s always worth looking at the materials or getting some advice beforehand.

One smart move is to contact the seller directly. A lot of online fashion stores like Filly Flair have a contact us page where you can ask questions about the products.

Ask if the shoes you’re interested in are suitable for long walks across different terrain. If they give you the all clear, then you know you can depend on these shoes to last while you’re walking around.

Get the perfect fit

Of course, you need a pair of shoes that fit well when you’re walking.

They can’t be too small, or you’ll end up with blisters that take over your feet and make it impossible to walk.

They can’t be too big because it will be ridiculously hard to walk and you’ll probably end up hurting yourself.

So, take the time to actually try on a range of shoes before you decide on the ideal pair. They need to feel comfortable and not rub at your heels or toes.

If they feel tight, then move up half a size – it’s better to have a slight bit of extra room to accommodate for your feet expanding as you walk.

The easiest way to ruin your travels is by damaging your feet on the first day. If you’re not armed with the best shoes for walking/hiking, then there’s more chance of this happening.

One last thing I’d like to add is that you should get some good socks for walking as well.

You want ones that allow your feet to breathe and help prevent blisters. Now, you can go on your travels and explore different countries by walking for hours on end with no problems!

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