7 Tips To Make Lawn Care Easier

Making your lawn look presentable needn’t require hours of meticulous care and attention. Here are seven tips for making lawn care easy.

lawn care

Opt for artificial grass

Artificial grass takes all the effort out of lawn maintenance, allowing you to sport a luscious-looking lawn all year round. You will need to brush the grass occasionally to keep it looking tidy, however you don’t have to worry about cutting it or watering it or fertilizing it.

Many avid gardeners view artificial grass as cheating, but your average joe isn’t likely to notice the difference, providing that you invest in good quality artificial grass.

Buy a self-propelled lawn mower

For those that prefer to stick with real grass, there are still ways to reduce the hard work. For instance, if you find mowing to be a chore, consider whether upgrading your mower could make a difference.

A self-propelled mower could be a much less strenuous option compared to a traditional push-along mower. There are many of these mowers on the market – this could be a great post to read if you’re looking to find the best one. You could even go one step further and buy a fully-automated mower.

Create mulch borders around obstacles

Mowing around obstacles such as sheds, fences and trees can be tricky. Consider surrounding these objects with mulch borders instead of having grass growing directly around them. This will make mowing around these obstacles much easier.

Fertilize in fall

Winter frosts can cause great damage to lawns, leaving them discolored and patchy by the time spring rolls around. It’s worth preparing for the drop in temperature in fall – adding fertilizer could help to give your grass a nutrient boost that will keep it healthy throughout the winter months.

This is particularly worthwhile if you live in an area that gets harsh frosts.

Use automated sprinklers

If you live in an area that gets droughts in summer, sprinklers could be a necessity for keeping your lawn alive. Automated sprinklers are able to work on a timer, saving you from having to remember to turn them on each day.

This guide offers some of a comparison of some of the best-automated sprinklers on the market.

Take care with stepping stone paths

Stepping stone paths can be difficult to mow around. That is unless you embed the stones deep enough into the ground so that they don’t protrude too much, allowing you glide a mower over the top.

To enable this, make sure that your stepping stones are no more than an inch above ground level.

Use an effective weed-killer

Tired of pulling out weeds manually? Treating your grass with a weed-killer once per year could help to kill off all the weeds much more easily. Of course, it’s important to buy a trusted herbicide that solely kills weeds – you don’t want to kill off the grass! It’s important to always read the instructions so that you get the right measurements.

Spend time researching into weed-killers to find options that are recommended by other gardeners. 

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