How To Make $30,000 With A Small Affiliate Website

There are two ways you can approach affiliate marketing.

You can either build one mega-successful website or;

You can build a portfolio of “small” niche websites that all produce a sizeable, yet smaller income.

There are pros and cons for both which I won’t get into today (but I might do in the future).

I’m pointing this out because you will eventually have to face this dilemma yourself, and to be honest;

I’m not sure which one is “the best way to go”.

My preferred approach is to have multiple small niche websites all making me money.

The problem here is that I’m almost certain that if I were to put all my focus into one website and make it a behemoth in the industry, I would currently be making much more money.

So which approach should you choose?

I really don’t know.

One thing I can tell you is to play to your strengths.

I’m very good at picking niches, ranking them in Google and getting them to earn a passive income for years without much effort from my end – and I absolutely love building (small) niche websites.

As crazy as it sounds, I’m more excited about a new website making $500 a month, then I am about a website making $5,000 a month.

Is this a bad-business approach?


All I know is that I’m playing to my strengths here, and I’m having fun.

I’m asking you to think about this and see which approach you’d like to take because you will come to this point.

Would you like one mega website, or a portfolio of small-er niche websites?

Let me know which approach you’d prefer & as always;

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Christian Lee.

PS: I’ve just read a great story about a guy who sold his Amazon affiliate website – which he started building in May – for $30,000. If you want to understand the true compounding value of a “small” affiliate website, you may want to check this out.

How To Make $30,000 With A Small Affiliate Website

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